Nestlé Professional Launches Harvest Gourmet Plant-Based Solution In Singapore

Monday, March 22nd, 2021 | 2321 Views

Nestlé is embracing consumers’ growing appetite for healthier meat-free foods with the unveiling of Harvest Gourmet, a new plant-based solution, offering an exciting variety of scrumptious meat alternatives made with the highest quality ingredients for the best taste experience.

As Singaporeans are consciously making informed food choices based on health, taste and environmental reasons, the out-of-home dining industry has shifted towards putting more plant-based foods on their menus to cater to the rising demand for healthy and nutritious meat-alternative food. Nestlé Professional is thus making its mark with the launch of Harvest Gourmet to meet the needs of food service operators by providing more choices for conscious consumers, and ‘normalising’ the consumption of meat-alternatives in restaurants, cafés and hotels for all cuisines at affordable prices.

The Harvest Gourmet selection comprises three easy and quick-to-prepare meat-free products: Chargrilled Pieces and Schnitzel perfect for salads, stir fries or sandwiches, and the Harvest Gourmet Sensational Burger. Developed by Nestlé Professional’s team of expert chefs and trusted nutritionists, the Harvest Gourmet meat-free range of products is made from non-GMO soy, wheat and other plant-based ingredients, and can be easily adapted to local flavours and popular menu choices. The texture and taste of the products make Harvest Gourmet a versatile and easy-to-use range for chefs.

Chow Phee Chat, Executive Director, Communications, Marketing Services and Innovations for Nestlé Singapore and Malaysia, said “Nestlé’s latest investment brings together over 30 years of expertise and innovations accumulated globally to meet the needs of local consumers. As more people turn to meat-alternatives to achieve healthier lifestyles and satisfy their taste buds, adding more plant-based menu offerings can attract a different type of customer, while also providing exciting new taste experiences for loyal customers. With the new Harvest Gourmet plant-based solution offering meatless possibilities, our restaurant partners can now serve up flavourful dishes with all of the taste and none of the meat.”

According to a survey by GlobalData, over 40 percent of consumers in Asia are cutting down their meat intake and opting for plant-based or ‘flexitarian’ diets, which centers on plant-based foods without eliminating meat. It also revealed that nearly a quarter of consumers surveyed are switching to plant-based meals due to health and taste reasons. This rising demand for plant-based foods is no longer a food trend but a social shift. Harvest Gourmet is committed to revolutionise the category with a versatile range of delicious meat-free products packed with flavour.

The company has established the Nestlé Research & Development unit in Singapore, tasked with adapting plant-based meat alternative products for local taste and cuisines. The local team, along with Nestlé’s global network of over 400 experts including food technologists, scientists and chefs, will work alongside food service professionals to enhance products’ performance in commercial kitchens. The same team of experts has also developed plant-based food through its Garden Gourmet brand in Europe and Sweet Earth brand in the United States.


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