NEC And Kagome To Provide AI-enabled Services That Improve Tomato Yields

Friday, April 3rd, 2020 | 1023 Views

NEC Corporation has announced the conclusion of a strategic partnership agreement with Kagome Co., Ltd. to launch agricultural management support services utilising artificial intelligence (AI) for leading tomato processing companies.

The new service capitalises on NEC’s AI-enabled agricultural ICT platform, CropScope, to visualise tomato growth and soil conditions based on sensor data and satellite images, and to provide farming management recommendation services. This AI expertise enables the service to provide information on the best timing and optimal amounts of irrigation and fertiliser for the cultivation of healthy crops. As a result, farms are able to achieve stable yields and lower cultivation costs, while practicing environmentally sustainable agriculture without depending exclusively on the technical skill of individual growers.

By using this service, leading tomato processing companies can obtain a comprehensive understanding of the most effective growing conditions for tomato production on their own farms, as well as their contract growers. Also, they can manage crop harvest orders across all fields in an optimal way based on objective data, which helps to reduce yield loss and improve productivity.

Tomato markets are expected to continue expanding in line with population and economic growth, particularly in emerging countries. However, it is necessary for sustainable tomato cultivation to overcome a variety of challenges, such as a decrease in growers and environmental issues.

“Kagome has been developing agricultural management support technologies using big data in collaboration with NEC since 2015, with the aim of realising environmentally friendly and highly profitable agricultural management in the cultivation of tomatoes for processing on a global basis,” said Kengo Nakata, General Manager, Smart Agri Division. “By combining Kagome’s farming know-how with NEC’s AI technology, we will realise sustainable agriculture,” he added.

“NEC is pleased to have signed a strategic partnership agreement with Kagome and to jointly launch an agricultural management support business utilising AI for the processed tomato market,” said Masamitsu Kitase, General Manager, Corporate Business Development Division. “By accelerating the digitisation of agriculture, NEC aims to realise a sustainable agriculture that can respond flexibly to global social issues on climate change and food safety,” he added.


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