Naturex’s Turmipure Gold (TM) Stars In Botanical Product Of The Year

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019 | 711 Views

An organic shot featuring Naturex’s Turmipure GoldTM has been named ‘Botanical Product of the Year’ at the 2019 Nutraingredients Awards.

Turmipure GoldTM is a natural and clinically researched turmeric product offering unprecedented bioavailability at a low dose.

In a recent clinical study, 300 mg of Turmipure GoldTM was found to deliver the same amount of curcuminoids to the blood as 1926 mg of Turmeric 95. This dose or lower of Turmeric 95, which is recognised as the industry standard, has been found to be efficient in more than 30 studies relating to joint health and inflammation.

To demonstrate its benefits for joint health during and after exercise, Naturex used Turmipure GoldTM to create a new supplement concept. The ‘Organic Joint Win Shot’ is a convenient 60 ml liquid containing 300 mg of Turmipure GoldTM. With an appealing bright orange color and on-trend taste of ginger, pineapple and lime, it is 100 percent organic and natural and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It is also stable at ambient temperatures.

Alexis Manfré, Global Product Manager, Health at Naturex, said: “The liquid shot supplement is one of the most on-trend delivery formats, but standard turmeric extract is not water-soluble. Thanks to the solubility and high bioavailability of its star ingredient, Turmipure GoldTM, the Organic Joint Win Shot overcomes this problem. We’re delighted that it has received this prestigious award.”

Turmipure GoldTM  is also suitable for other applications, including capsules, tablets and gummies. It is sustainable, fully traceable, and cost-effective due to its efficacy at a low dose.

The NutraIngredients Awards recognise innovation and cutting-edge research in healthy foods, supplements and nutrition. The Botanical Product of the Year category celebrates the best branded or own-label supplements, functional foods and beverages containing botanical and TCM ingredients.