Natural Gum Can Improve Clean Label Tapioca Starch

Thursday, August 18th, 2016 | 662 Views

A new study shows that natural gum like gum arabic (GA) can be used to improve the functionality of tapioca starch without impacting clean label claims.

The research team found that when GA was added to tapioca starch, solubility, pasting, flow behaviour, viscosity, elasticity and swelling power improved. The viscosity and elasticity of tapioca starch were found to increase when more GA was added.

Different parameters were measured to compare the peak viscosity (PV), hot paste viscosity (HPV), cold paste viscosity (CPV), relative breakdown (RB) and total setback (TSB), and the study demonstrated that addition of GA results in a significant decrease in PV, RB and TSB values.

Tapioca starch is widely used in the baking sector in sauces, beverages, cakes, breads and cereals, and adding GA to tapioca starch may be an economical way to improve performance without changing its clean label status.

As gum still allows for clean label advertising, the findings could mean good news for the current trend of clean label products across the global food market.

Companies are already starting to focus on clean label starches, with Tate & Lyle providing the Claria line of clean label starches, while Beneo launched Remypure, its clean label rice starch in May.