Mobikon Announces New Data-Driven AI Products For F&B Market Automation

Friday, May 11th, 2018 | 731 Views

Mobikon—a customer engagement analytics platform designed for the food and beverage (F&B) industry, announces the launch of its ‘Offline to Online Marketing via Local Ads’ on Facebook and its ‘Global Customer Profile’ driven by Mobikon’s data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine.

These new features will be available immediately and will enable single outlets as well as multi-location restaurants to drive revenue and engagement using local and precise targeting, and serve customers better with insights driven using global customer profiles.

Taking part in the Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) 2018 event from 24-27 April, Hitesh Anand, chief product officer at Mobikon, said: “Data is the new currency and it’s ever more relevant in F&B where restaurants are looking to target their customer precisely with relevant offers to make the most return-on-investment (ROI).”

“Both these features will help restaurants do exactly that and more. With Offline to Online Marketing via Local Ads, a restaurant can activate campaigns—not only for its existing customers on Facebook but also target look-alikes by simply uploading current consumer data onto Mobikon’s platform,” Anand continues.

He also added: “Mobikon’s data and AI engine then uses AI and Machine Learning to build global insights and target the right set of existing new consumers. This, in turn, results in higher marketing ROI for the restaurants.”

“Global Customer Profile is a key to driving personalised experiences. The AI engine is constantly building and updating the Global Customer Profile on Mobikon’s Data Cloud and enriching customer profiles. Through its various consumer touchpoints, Mobikon platform gathers transactional and behavioural data about the customers and creates a global customer profile that spans customer lifespan across brands,” says Samir Khadepaun, chief executive officer of Mobikon.

He also commented: “This helps the brand and outlet managers know about customer preferences, likes and dislikes, perceptions and behaviours not only their outlet, but also as a diner in general. They can now serve the customer in a personalised manner and generate loyalty.”

This way, restaurants will be able to see the customer’s dining frequency and preferred timing, as well as reviews and feedback on social media. Apart from that, regardless of whether a customer has visited a specific restaurant, the servers are now able to understand the customer’s food preferences, whether it’s spicy food and/or mixed drinks—based on global data.

Servers will then be able to guide the customer on what to order from the menu based on the preferences, but also enable them to upsell the new line of mixed drinks the chef has put on the menu.

Targeting customers via Facebook advertisements is nothing new. Mobikon’s offering allows restaurants to enable personalised targeting based on the data gathered through various engagements. Using social channels, restaurants can deliver brand experiences to customers that will have elevated level of conversion.

Many restaurants have already benefitted from deploying Mobikon’s In-store Feedback, Reservations, Automated Campaigns and running their Loyalty Programme on Mobikon’s platform. Harry’s—a restaurant chain in Singapore, recently committed to deploying Mobikon’s platform that is integrated with its Point-of-Sale system, bringing efficiency to the business.

This platform update was driven by customers’ feedback and is part of Mobikon’s commitment to delivering solutions that help the restaurants engage customers, gain insights and grow revenue in an automated way. Mobikon’s latest release is available to customers for preview online and will be rolled out over the next month.