Mintel UK: What’s Brewing For Fermented Foods

Friday, July 19th, 2019 | 1854 Views

Mintel UK: As Brexit rumbles on, British consumers continue to spend on brands and businesses that successfully tap into the Holy Trinity of current consumer behaviour: the ‘experience economy’, the booming health and wellness movement, and the desire to be more ethically conscious and eco-friendly.  

Fermented foods have picked up something of a media buzz in recent years. According to Mintel research, 68 percent of UK adults say that actively looking after your gut health is essential to overall health, rising to 72 percent of over-55s.

“Advocates credit fermented foods with providing various health benefits including supporting gut health, boosting the immune system and helping to control sugar cravings. The European Food and Safety Authority has not approved any claims for fermented foods, but that hasn’t stopped mass-market consumers from buying into the hype. Given the heightened interest in products which support gut health, this is a trend which is likely to continue in the future, with further new product development only likely to drive its appeal among consumers,” comments Jack Duckett, Mintel Associate Director of Consumer Lifestyles Research.


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