Microwaveable Crumb-Coated Snacks With Perfect Crunch

Monday, March 25th, 2019 | 1608 Views

Crisp Sensation has developed snack coatings that promise perfect, crispy results. With its latest innovation, the company will soon enable manufacturers to develop microwaveable crumb-coated snacks.


Addressing fast-paced consumers who are always on the go and demand quick and tasty snack options, products with Crisp Sensation coatings fit the bill perfectly. The coating system is suitable for a large variety of products that can be crumb coated, including chicken, cheese and even sweet fillings. Now the company has filed a patent for the coating system which guarantees that even products that have been kept in a freezer for months will still taste great, and remain crispy on the outside.

The technical breakthrough, which has been highly anticipated by the market, all comes down to moisture control: Even if the product is kept in a freezer for up to six months, it will still retain a crispy coating and succulent core when cooked in the microwave. As with all Crisp Sensation coatings, they are also suitable for other preparation methods such as oven, airfryer, Merrychef and Turbochef.

The patent-pending technology will enable snack manufacturers to create a wide array of imaginative snacking options, all of which can be microwaved without a crisping or grill function, and are ready to eat in just one to two minutes. Suitable not only for households, but also for the out-of-home market—including kiosks, food trucks and service stations—snack manufacturers can appeal to completely new markets with products that are perfect in both taste and texture.

Supported by new intellectual property on improved moisture control, Crisp Sensation will soon enable manufacturers to develop a completely new generation of crumb-coated snacks. The company has a long history of filing patents on coating systems, with multiple patents already granted. Some of the most important developments have been innovative moisture barriers and water binding technologies. For creating diversity and tailored products, crumbs with specific characteristics and designs are available for all applications and requirements. These patented functional crumbs display special porosities, thickness and crumb shapes.

Recently, Crisp Sensation has launched ZeroFry, an innovation that enables manufacturers to produce crispy crumb coated snacks for oven or airfryer without the need for pre-frying or deep-frying. The ZeroFry coatings allow for a fat reduction of 50 percent and a considerable reduction in calories, too.