Messer's New Liquid Nitrogen Cryogenic Technologies For Chilling And Freezing Applications

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 | 134 Views

Messer is helping food processors during the COVID-19 pandemic by installing innovative cryogenic technologies to address production challenges.

As consumer demand shifts to retail channels, the cryogenic technologies are boosting production of existing processing lines and quickly adding capacity to new lines. In addition, due to the reduced availability of carbon dioxide (CO2), Messer is converting customers to liquid nitrogen (LIN) and thus improving their security of supply.

Messer will showcase these proven technologies at the 2022 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), Booth C11529.

“When our customers had to curtail production due to labor shortages and CO2  reliability, we quickly installed new chilling and freezing technologies to help boost throughput and to mitigate CO2 shortages,” said Mark DiMaggio, Vice President of Applications, Marketing & Execution at Messer Americas. “Our customers have accelerated their adoption of nitrogen and, given the ongoing CO2 supply challenges the industry faces during the pandemic, they are continuing to do so.”

At IPPE Messer will demonstrate its:

  • Patented high-capacity Wave Impingement freezer, which combines the benefits of wave product agitation with impingement gas flows to give customers new levels of IQF quality and productivity. The Wave Impingement freezer is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to CO2 flighted freezers and triple pass tunnels.
  • Bottom injection chilling technology with Messer‘s KRYOJECTOR® injectors and control system, a hygienic technology that can improve food safety and deliver consistent batch-to-batch chilling, while reducing blender cycle times.
  • Cross-Flow tunnel freezer for crust-freezing a wide range of high-moisture and hot products while preventing ice from hindering operations.

Messer’s food team can help processors determine which cryogenic solution provides the best value for their production facilities. At the Messer Technical Innovation Center in Cleveland, Ohio, product testing can help define optimum chilling, crusting or freezing parameters and validate equipment performance.

Click here to learn more about Messer technology and expertise featured at the 2022 IPPE Marketplace.



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