McCormick Identifies Five Trends For 2017 Flavour Forecast

Thursday, December 8th, 2016 | 560 Views

Flavours from around the world, especially the Middle East, seem to be the driving force of the trends.

In the McCormick Flavour Forecast 2017 report, five trends were highlighted:

Rise & Shine To Global Tastes

Innovation in breakfast meals and products with the addition of new ingredients and flavours will be seen in 2017. These include ancient grains and rice varieties that are gluten-free and in-line with the current free-from consumer demand, as well as the use of middle-eastern spices—that bring intriguing and exciting new flavours to the ever-adventurous consumer palate.

Plancha: Flat-Out Grilling

Grilled meats and seafood will be the ‘in’ foods, married with bold sauces, rubs, and glazes such as Spanish green sauce, Mexican sauce, or with sherry wine and vinegar. Manufacturers of meat products can therefore explore the myriad of options with Spanish flavours and appeal to consumer interests.

Egg Yolks: The Sunny Side Of Flavour

Rather than just seen as a breakfast ingredient, eggs are going beyond and are becoming commonly seen in lunch and dinner menus. Already today we are seeing packaged hard and soft boiled eggs in convenience stores, but cured, fried, and poached eggs offer opportunities for manufacturers to experiment with too.

Modern Med

Mediterranean cuisine is becoming more popular with consumers, especially when they use barberries—a key tart ingredient in Persian foods—or Baharat seasoning. Pasta is the foundation for inspired new culinary traditions, McCormick reports, citing examples of Reshteh with Italian minestrone, or Turkish manti with Italian Bolognese. Much can be done too with Mediterranean flavours and pasta.

Sweet On Pepper

Sweet ingredients like syrups and exotic fruits are being increasingly used to temper pepper’s bold taste. These include date syrup, or exotic, tropical fruits such as dragon fruit, mangosteen, green mango and jackfruit.