Kotkamills En Route Towards A Plastic-Free World: One Coffee Cup At A Time

Friday, June 1st, 2018 | 979 Views

ISLA Duo cupstock is Kotkamills’ solution to an ever-growing problem. It does not contain any plastics or waxes that are harmful for the environment or health. Easy recycling makes these cups an integral part of the circular economy and makes sure that the valuable wood fibre can be reused.

The world is changing at a rapid pace towards a plastic-free future. Development requires new and innovative solutions that can answer to new demands. Consumption and recycling are consumer’s choices, but it is up to manufacturers to provide products that answer to these challenges. Kotkamills’ ISLA Duo answers to these specific challenges.

“World’s coffee cup markets are vast. No sustainable and responsible actor has provided plastic-free and easy-to-recycle products. Coffee cups covered with polyethylene (or PE) plastics can be recycled, but globally it has been difficult and inefficient due to the plastic separation process. It is great that Kotkamills can lead the way and act as a Game Changer in the industry,” states Markku Hämäläinen, chief executive officer at Kotkamills.

Plastic-Free Cupstock

A traditional single-use coffee cup includes a barrier layer made from plastic, which prevents absorption of liquids and greases. The barrier layer in ISLA Duo products is a water-based dispersion coating instead of PE plastic.

Being plastic-free enables the products to be easily recyclable in normal paper and board recycling, and the wood fibre can be reused fully. This ISLA Duo cupstock does not contain any waxes harmful for the health, nor do they accumulate in nature like plastics do.

“Circular economy and keeping valuable materials in use as efficiently as possible are a key piece of the future. In this issue, Kotkamills wants to act as an example and lead development. ISLA Duo is enabling a plastic-free future where recycling is easy and a part of our daily routines,” Hämäläinen concludes.

Kotkamills has been strongly involved at the forest and packaging industry’s PulPaper fair from 29-31 May 2018 at Helsinki Messukeskus. On 30 May 2018, Niilo Pöyhönen, senior vice president of the company’s Consumer Boards and Saila Kettunen, director of its Barrier Boards, have given presentations on Kotkamills’ new products and solutions at the fair’s Future Square stage.