Nestlé Australia Launches KitKat Packed With MILO In Recycled Plastic

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022 | 1255 Views

In one of its largest ever collaborations for its KitKat brand, Nestlé Australia unveils KitKat packed with MILO, which will be Australia’s first chocolate bar wrapped in recycled plastic. This latest offering that comes with Milo choc-malt fudge filling delivers the ‘ultimate Aussie break’, and is available in three formats: block, bar and chunky varieties. KitKat packed with MILO will be hitting stores from late July.


Nestlé Head of Marketing (Confectionery), Joyce Tan said, “We know KitKat lovers are passionate about how they eat their KitKat and similarly, MILO fans have unique ways of enjoying their hot or cold MILO. So now, we can’t wait to see how Aussies enjoy their KitKat packed with MILO!”


Major Recycling Initiative

In another significant move for the business in the region, Nestlé Australia has confirmed this summer that its wider KitKat ranges will be the country’s first chocolate bar with a wrapper using recycled plastic.


As the company noted, more than 40 million 45g of its bars will be packed in the 30% recycled content wrapper in the next year, cutting virgin plastic use by around 250,000 square metres, enough to cover more than 200 50-metre swimming pools.


Nestlé Oceania General Manager Chris O’Donnell said Nestlé was on a mission to cut its virgin plastics use by a third by 2025, which echoes the EU’s initiatives to cut single-use plastics by 2025. He said, “Introducing recycled content in our packaging will make a significant impact against our 2025 ambition. We’ve implemented a number of changes to reduce our use of virgin plastic but this switch, the first of its kind, will be a huge step change.”


“We know consumers want our packaging to use more recycled content, so we’re delighted to deliver the KitKat 45g bar as Australia’s first food product to be wrapped in soft plastic made with recycled content.

“For KitKat fans, the news is all good. The 30% recycled plastic wrapper will keep KitKat bars crisp, fresh and delicious, while we focus on giving the planet a break. When they’re finished, they can continue to recycle their wrappers through the REDcycle scheme.”

The wrapper is also Nestlé’s first soft plastic food wrapper globally to use recycled content.

“Soft plastic with recycled content that’s suitable for food packaging isn’t widely available anywhere in the world — we’ve been searching high and low to find as much of this material as we can from our suppliers. As more becomes available we’re hoping to increase the amount we can source for our packaging,” Mr O’Donnell said.

“We’re focused on less packaging, better packaging and better systems. This is a big step in the right direction but we’re not at our end destination yet. This is a journey of ongoing innovation.


“In the meantime, we’ve committed to invest CHF 2 billion globally to stimulate the market and lead the shift from virgin plastics to food grade recycled plastics.”


The 30% food grade recycled plastic wrapper is supplied by Huhtamaki. The recycled content has been allocated using the mass balance approach and certified by ISCC.


Adapted from Confectionery Production.


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