Kerry Releases Plant-Based Protein For Waters, Juices And Energy Drinks

Thursday, November 28th, 2019 | 2100 Views

Kerry releases ProDiem Refresh, a plant-protein ingredient for use in low-pH beverages such as waters, juices and energy drinks. Developed using Kerry’s leading protein expertise, ProDiem Refresh has been optimised to go easily into solution, and improve taste, clarity and stability. It delivers a new standard in protein enhancement in beverages without compromising either refreshment or flavour.

“ProDiem Refresh is unique on the market, and delivers outstanding functional and nutritional benefits while addressing the emerging consumer demand for more natural, plant-based, safe (allergen-free), clean label (no stabilisers required), and sustainable ingredients,” said Mindy Leveille, Marketing Manager, Proteins for Kerry Taste & Nutrition. “Delivering superior stability and solubility in low-pH beverages compared to other ingredients on the market, ProDiem Refresh is the first to provide a vegan, allergen-free protein solution for low-pH drinks. With ProDiem Refresh, consumers can get protein in lighter and more refreshing beverages, all without compromising on clean-label, sustainability or taste.”

ProDiem Refresh has functional and nutritional attributes and is vegan, allergen-free, non-GMO and clean-label. It also delivers excellent solubility, superior stability (without stabilisers), high clarity and low viscosity, while simultaneously delivering a clear, refreshing taste and a clean-label standing.


Strong market need for a vegan, allergen-free protein for low-pH beverages

Protein has been a trending consumer interest over the last few years, moving from the domain of the elite athlete into the mainstream as consumers learn more about its benefits. These consumers are perfectly aware of what these benefits are — energy, muscle and bone health, for example — and are seeking to incorporate more protein into their daily diets. This demand is driving the mainstream adoption of protein supplementation, propelling its reach into new food or beverages applications —low-pH beverages, for instance.

A key challenge for manufacturers to date — and one that must be surmounted if market success is to be achieved — has been the fact that many proteins have significant solubility, clarity and stability issues when used in low-pH beverage applications. These often require stabilisers, a problem for manufacturers seeking clean-labeling. Furthermore, there have been significant issues in the past around taste — always the first driver in purchasing and something consumers simply will not compromise on.

Currently, only a few protein solutions exist in the marketplace for use in low-pH beverage applications. The main sources used in waters, juices and energy drinks are derived either from animals (i.e., containing collagen, dairy) or soy (i.e., an allergen in many markets). As a result, these protein sources have been unable to address the rising consumer demand for natural, plant-based, safe (allergen-free) and sustainable foods and beverages. This is the gap Kerry identified and sought to bridge, bringing to bear its almost 50 years of expertise in protein.

The result, ProDiem Refresh, offers in-solution solubility, clarity, and excellent shelf stability as it requires no stabilisers. This plant protein solution, unique in the marketplace, was developed specifically for low-pH beverages such as waters, juices and energy drinks, and succeeds in resolving the issues customers care most about, all while ensuring a low-pH drink offering that offers an environmentally friendly protein source.


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