Kemin Food Technologies – Asia Launches “KemTalk” To Connect With Customers

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 | 1366 Views

Kemin Industries has launched a value-added program, “KemTalk”, to virtually bring its global scientists and application experts to Kemin Food Technologies – Asia customers.

Kemin Food Technologies – Asia initiated “KemTalk” to continue fostering a collaborative relationship with its valued customers. The program is designed to ensure customers have a clear understanding of Kemin’s food safety and shelf-life solutions and how the Kemin products they use can help their companies achieve better returns on investments.

Today, consumers are looking for food that satisfies their need for nutrients and sensory appeal, but they’re also concerned about the health and wellness attributes of their food. For food processors and manufacturers, meeting consumer demand and ensuring satisfaction and safety is top priority to secure repurchasing and brand loyalty. Using the proper formulation and choosing shelf-life-appropriate ingredients that match the complexity of a food matrix is critical in making food products that meet consumer expectations.

As part of Kemin’s service to customers, the Kemin Food Technologies – Asia team of technical and application experts supports customers with formulation and reformulation efforts to achieve desirable characteristics of their food products while meeting consumer demand for healthier options. The “KemTalk” program gives these customers an opportunity to seek clarification on technical topics surrounding food products.

Kemin Food Technologies – Asia’s current scope of expertise focuses on clean-label trends and areas of importance to the food and beverage industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. These include shelf life of packaged food and food safety, especially for perishable food products such as meat, poultry, seafood and bakery goods.

“At Kemin, we leverage our technical and application expertise to help customers resolve shelf-life and food safety challenges, adopt natural ingredients, overcome hurdles to clean-label formulation and meet their unique needs for product application and market information on the food industry,” said Giuseppe Abrate, Worldwide Group President – Food and Human, Kemin Industries.


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