Introducing New Homegrown Plant-based Brand HAPPIEE!

Monday, May 2nd, 2022 | 1453 Views

Manufactured by Growthwell, the range consists of a total of four alternative chicken and fish products.

Growthwell Foods, a leading manufacturer of plant-based alternatives for meat and seafood for the Southeast Asian market, has launched HAPPIEE!. With a motto of “Eat Good, Feel Good,”, this plant-based range aims to spread positivity to the world and inspire consumers to pick up active lifestyles.

HAPPIEE! is manufactured at Growthwell’s Innovation and R&D Manufacturing Centre, which is located at JTC Foodhub Senoko. The manufacturing facility is Singapore’s first fully automated large-scale production line for plant-based products.

Highlights of the facility include Singapore’s first production-scale High Moisture Extrusion (HME) line owned by a local SME. This HME technology will enable Growthwell to significantly improve the texture of its plant-based meat and seafood products.

The flakey, fish-like texture that HME technology can achieve

The flakey, fish-like texture that HME technology can achieve

Create a multitude of HAPPIEE! moments at the dining table with the offerings. The alternative meats and seafood/fish do not compromise on taste and yet offer the same texture and mouthfeel as the real things.

Great tasting and affordable, HAPPIEE! makes it easy for you to embrace a plant-based diet; in turn, you can do your part to reduce carbon footprint, preserve water and land and save the planet!

There are four products in the range. The chicken products — HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Chickiee Nuggets and HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Chickiee Popcorn — are soy based. Made with konjac, the fish offerings include HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Fishiee Sticks and HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Fishiee Patties.

Konjac is naturally free of cholesterol, high in fibre and low in calories; it can also help lower blood sugar level and reduce cholesterol level. All four products are free of trans fat.

HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Chickiee Nuggets S$8.45

HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Chickiee Nuggets S$8.45
These snacks are now guilt-free and more nutritious! Dip them in your favourite sauces. Top them with marinara sauce and a blanket of cheese to make your own chicken nugget parmesan.
HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Chickiee Popcorn S$8.45
HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Chickiee Popcorn S$8.45
The perfect accompaniment for a movie marathon! Whip up a vegan rendition of the classic sweet-and sour chicken with this versatile ingredient. Or sneak them into salads for a more indulgent treat.

HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Fishiee Sticks S$8.45

HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Fishiee Sticks S$8.45
The culinary possibilities with this ingredient are endless. Make a delicious and filling Wasabi Mayo Fish Wrap with Fishiee Fingers. Or wrap them with fresh tomatoes and lettuce in a taco shell!

HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Fishiee Patty S$5.25

HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Fishiee Patty S$5.25
Build your very own vegan burger with this patty. Add on mushrooms, mixed greens and sandwich the ingredients between slightly toasted buns!

HAPPIEE! is available at selected FairPrice and Cold Storage outlets. Each product is priced at $8.45/pack, except for Fishiee Patty, which is priced at $5.25/pack. There is an ongoing promotion at FairPrice, while stocks last.


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