Introducing A New Oat Milk Born In Singapore

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Oatside is Asia’s first “full-stack” oat milk brand, founded by 31 year old Singaporean, Benedict Lim, the former Chief Financial Officer at Kraft Heinz Indonesia. The ambitious entrepreneur started the brand amidst the pandemic lockdown when he was unable to find a plant-based milk that was not just good for the planet, but more importantly, did not taste of “doing your part”.

Introducing OATSIDE, a new plant-based milk made from – you guessed it – oats, which launches in Singapore today. We know what you’re thinking, “do we really need another plant milk?” and our answer is heck yes, because OATSIDE is creamier and maltier than the plant milks you’re used to. Developed amidst the pandemic, OATSIDE is one of the first “full-stack” oat milk brands to originate from this part of the world, with in-house manufacturing capabilities and full control over its sourcing and production process.

OATSIDE has cut out all the nasties, with a focus on sourcing the highest-quality ingredients. We promise you’ll be able to pronounce every word on our ingredient list (say good riddance to artificial flavours, gums, emulsifiers, preservatives or colouring). And because it is made from oats, OATSIDE contains beta glucans – which is good for heart health, reduces cholesterol and boosts immunity, and is low in saturated fats. Cue the confetti!

“We know that taste is often a barrier for more people adopting sustainable milks, so our goal was to develop an oat milk that could overcome these perceptions. It was a challenge developing the right product with existing setups at contract manufacturers in the early days, so we took the longer approach of building out our own production line that allowed us more customization and control over the oat extraction process,” said Benedict Lim, Founder and CEO of OATSIDE.

A delicious alternative to dairy, OATSIDE will have the lactose intolerant amongst us punching the air. And because we love our planet (and really don’t want to move to Mars), OATSIDE was also created with our home in mind – the production of oat milk requires 90% less land and water, and produces 70% less emissions as compared to cow’s milk. In line with our mission to be sustainable without tasting sustainable, OATSIDE sources Rainforest-Alliance certified ingredients and uses recyclable paperboard packaging (from Forest Stewardship Council certified sources).

Get excited, because we are introducing not one, not two, but three delicious oat milk variants – Barista Blend, Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut all of which will have you wondering: how is this not dairy?

Introducing Oatside - a new oat milk born in Singapore and made delicious

Introducing Oatside – a new oat milk born in Singapore and made delicious

Meet The Oatside Variants

OATSIDE Barista Blend’s creaminess gives body to coffees and teas, but it also takes a back seat such that your coffee or tea notes can still enjoy center stage. OATSIDE Barista Blend also creates beautiful microfoam when steamed for latte art, a feat that has proved to be a challenge for plant- based milks. Baristas rejoice!

OATSIDE Chocolate is a dark, rich and complex blend made for adults (and the most discerning children). Oatside Chocolate contains no-added-flavours, and less sugar than most chocolate milks, all while still packing a delicious punch. For a more complex flavour, it is made with 100% Rainforest Alliance certified blend of Indonesian-African cacao beans.

OATSIDE Chocolate Hazelnut is liquid ‘gianduja’ – velvety smooth, with intense notes of dark- roasted hazelnuts. Because we love to be consistent OATSIDE Chocolate Hazelnut also contains no-added-flavours, relying instead on a heavier dose of high-quality hazelnuts, which are 100% Rainforest-Alliance certified and sourced from Turkey.

All OATSIDE variants are made with Australian Oats and natural spring water, and are Halal-certified. We told you, only the best!


OATSIDE is one of Asia’s only “full-stack” food start-ups. Because we’re control freaks, we’ve retained full jurisdiction over the entire production process from ingredient sourcing to oat extraction to filling. This allows customization in the production process of our delicious oat milk, and the ability to ensure that only sustainably-sourced ingredients of the highest quality are used.

OATSIDE was founded by Singaporean Benedict Lim, formerly the Chief Financial Officer at Kraft Heinz Indonesia. Oatside began amidst the pandemic lockdown, when Benedict started experimenting with making his own oat milks at home with different ingredients and extraction processes to achieve different flavour and texture combinations.

“I can’t wait for everyone to join us on the OATSIDE. We’ve worked really hard to develop a plant- based milk for Asia that doesn’t feel like a compromise on quality, taste or texture. We hope to contribute to a growing stable of plant-based products where picking the sustainable option no longer tastes of ‘doing your part’,” said Benedict.

Oatside Barista Blend_Factory Line 2

Oatside Barista Blend_Factory Line 2

OATSIDE has raised S$22M to-date, closing its Pre-Series A round in December 2020 led by Proterra Investment Partners Asia, a private equity firm focused on investing across the food value chain. Other investors include Commonwealth Ventures, an affiliate of Singapore F&B group Commonwealth Capital; Wee Teng Wen of The Lo & Behold Group, a leading Singapore hospitality group behind brands like The Warehouse Hotel, Odette and Loof; as well as the family office of Cher Wang, co-founder and chairperson of VIA Technologies and HTC Corporation.

“We are excited to be a part of the OATSIDE journey. Plant-based milk is the sustainable future of milk and we believe OATSIDE will be one of the key drivers of the category in Asia with best-in- class taste,” said Tai Lin, Managing Partner of Proterra Asia.

Wipe the drool from your face and open a new tab on your browser because OATSIDE is currently available on Redmart and Shopee in Barista Blend, Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut variants. You can also find us at exciting locations such as Baker & Cook, PPP Coffee, Chye Seng Huat Hardware, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf islandwide and more! Run, don’t walk.

And fret not, OATSIDE will be available at major supermarkets near you from February 2022.

Oatside will be available in three variants at select retail locations from Feb 2022

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