Interroll Presents A New Infeed For Crossbelt Sorters

Friday, November 30th, 2018 | 880 Views

With the addition of a new infeed, Interroll is expanding its modular platform solutions for particularly efficient material flow. It is perfectly designed to work with Interroll crossbelt sorters. The new infeed modules combine higher infeed speeds with reduced space requirements to offer a substantial potential increase in goods flow in automatic sorting systems.
Even though the new infeed modules are much more efficient than previous solutions, their design is much more compact. What’s more, they are far quieter when in use and are also suitable for transporting smaller goods. Inspired by the design of Interroll’s successful Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP), these new infeed conveyors offer all the benefits of a modular conveyor platform in terms of their flexibility and efficiency. For instance, the compact infeed conveyors are driven by high-performance, compact synchronous belt drives, so there is no need to use gear motors attached to the sides. This allows more infeed conveyors to be installed without taking up any more space. The use of elastic belts means that the individual conveyor belts can, if necessary, be switched off briefly in the conveyor lines. As a result, a 1:2 ratio of length to width can be achieved, allowing for higher transport speeds and incredibly small gaps between the individual conveyed goods, allowing users to easily transport small goods.


Precisely adjustable transport speed for optimum infeed rates

The new infeed conveyors consist of multiple conveyor belts that are driven independently of one another. This makes it possible to precisely adjust the transport speeds to meet the requirements of each sorter, allowing users to achieve optimum infeed rates for the conveyed goods. For instance, if multiple packages are fed into the goods flow, the individual speeds can be increased or reduced to ensure that the packages are seamlessly placed into empty containers on the main conveyor belt.

As well as significant increases in functionality, the new solution also offers advantages in terms of installation and maintenance. The preassembled conveyor belts, which are also equipped with finger protection elements, can be installed easily and ergonomically from above. The use of elastic conveyor belts means that there is no need to regularly retighten the belts.

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