Ingredion Launches A New Foodservice Growth Guide Titled ‘Put Profitability On The Menu'

Tuesday, March 29th, 2022 | 425 Views

Ingredion serves up a growth guide exploring clean label in the Foodservice sector.

Ingredion has launched a new foodservice growth guide, which details how foodservice operators can drive sustained clean label growth in the foodservice sector.

With more consumers linking simple ingredient lists, recognizable ingredients and minimal processing with the clean label experience, there is a significant opportunity for foodservice outlets to accelerate business growth and returns.

Comprising dedicated, proprietary research from Ingredion, ‘Put profitability on the menu’ explores the key trends underpinning clean label growth, how to capture the business value of clean label, and how to extend menu options with ingredient innovation.

Daniel Haley, Global Platform Lead – Clean & Simple Ingredients at Ingredion says: “The global foodservice is currently forecast to reach $3.2 trillion by 2023, based on a CAGR of 2%.[1] What we are seeing is the potential for a rapid recovery as consumers act upon their pent-up demand for dine-out options, in turn driving stronger growth and creating opportunity within the sector. Evidence shows that the foodservice industry is largely adopting clean label as a business strategy and that commitment toward these changes is long-term, which is wonderful. What is important though is that these foodservice operations enrich their consumers’ eating experiences with high quality clean label products formulated with ingredients they know and expect. It’s with this robust and comprehensive growth guide that we aim to deliver key insights for foodservice operators at this pivotal time.

“Tapping into the heart of clean label has been one of Ingredion’s top priorities for over 25 years. We continually strive to further enrich the clean label movement and formulate menu offerings that customers will want to eat. Developing a clean label offering that meets both consumer and commercial goals should always be a top priority.”

Ingredion’s ‘Put profitability on the menu’ enables foodservice operators to realize the clean label opportunity in their sector and deliver high-quality products with a return on investment.

Ingredient breakthroughs and formulation innovations in clean label allows foodservice operators to adapt their menus at-speed while being at the cutting edge of the latest food and flavour trends. Clean label functional ingredients that perform in all types of production processes are opening up exciting new menu options and eating experiences that foodservice operators seek to improve the quality of their offering. This is especially key during a time when flexitarians are an increasingly important market.

To download Ingredion’s new global growth guide, please visit:

[1] Euromonitor Q4, 2021


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