Ingredion Extends Its Virtual Lab To Showcase Dairy Expertise

Monday, May 13th, 2019 | 1433 Views

Ingredion has extended its virtual lab, INSIDE IDEA LABS, in the Asia-Pacific region, to the dairy market, bringing its application expertise in dairy product formulation to food and beverage manufacturers 24/7.

The virtual dairy lab showcases technical resources including sample formulations, white papers and responses to questions that customers frequently ask about topics such as formulating clean label and indulgent dairy products, recipe savings and mouthfeel enhancement, amongst others. Visitors will also find information about consumer and market trends driving change in the dairy industry, as well as insights from experts working throughout Ingredion’s network of 28 Ingredion Idea Labs innovation centres.

To better serve customers, the virtual dairy lab also homes in on key market opportunities in APAC. There is an added focus on cheese, yoghurt, and creamers such as sweetened condensed creamers (SCCs) and non-dairy creamers (NDCs).

Eric Weisser, senior director, starch-based texturisers, Asia Pacific, said: “Our regional labs have a strong focus on solving the local challenges customers are facing, such as for NDCs and SCCs for markets in the APAC region. We apply our expertise to help small and medium-sized enterprises succeed.”

From creating indulgent yoghurts with clean label appeal, to enhancing taste and texture in analogue and processed cheese, as well as new breakthroughs to reliably stabilised protein and fat in SCCs and NDCs—the new lab brings dairy manufacturers the collective knowledge developed across Ingredion’s brick-and-mortar labs around the world, tuned to APAC markets. Customers can easily learn more about why these products are high on consumers’ shopping lists, find out how to better address market preferences and respond more quickly to the top trends in dairy.

Providing 24/7 on-demand access to Ingredion’s science-based problem solving, INSIDE IDEA LABS consists of regionally developed virtual labs for specific market segments.

“Our virtual beverage lab has been well-received by our customers since its launch in 2018 and we look forward to providing dairy manufacturers with a similar level of expertise and partnership,” said Eric Weisser. “Our experts are also developing additional resources in other application areas, with more virtual labs to better serve customers.”