IIoT: The Smart Ingredient In F&B Operations

The flexibility provided by smart manufacturing has the potential to revolutionise business operations, and provide real-time access to relevant data which can empower the workforce to make informed decisions at every level. Contributed by Marcelo Tarkieltaub, Regional Director Southeast Asia, Rockwell Automation. We live in a world of abundant choices,…

Improving Productivity Through Smart Manufacturing

Robots and automation have transformed manufacturing in almost every industrial sector, and have increased efficiency and product consistency. By Farah Nazurah In today’s competitive marketplace, food producers need flexibility in their manufacturing processes, especially with consumer trends constantly changing in the food and beverage industry, thus the need to produce…

Unlock The Full Potential Of ERP Through MES Integration

Complementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with a manufacturing execution system (MES) offers several opportunities to increase the return on investment through better supply chain visibility and decision support, increased business agility, higher operational efficiency and asset performance, and more. Keith Chambers Director, Operations & Execution Systems, Schneider Electric Software…

Internet of Things, Big Data And How They Affect Your ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have long been used by the food industry, but with advances in technology, the functionality they provide food businesses are gradually changing. Richard Haugen, VP, Value Engineering, SAP, addresses this and more.

Investing In Industry 4.0 For SMEs

More manufacturers are turning to digitalisation—in which products, services and data converge in the real and virtual worlds through the Industrial Internet of Things. By Farah Nazurah
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