Can Plant-Based Foods Help Seniors Get Their Necessary Proteins?

Older adults who require more proteins sometimes struggle to get an appropriate amount in their diets. The answer to this problem may lie in the most unsuspecting of places. How much protein do you need to be healthy? The answer depends on your age. Older adults require more – and…

The Role Of Protein And Fibre To Build Health And Immunity As You Age

The opportunities to build transformational lifestyle changes through developing healthy ageing consciousness earlier in life is at the forefront of many consumers’ purchasing decisions. By Michelle Lee, Regional Marketing Leader, Greater Asia, IFF. The demographic challenge of an ageing population in Asia has gained increasing attention for some time, with…

Probiotics For Senior Health Support

The world’s populations are ageing day by day, and to sustain our seniors, probiotics might be the answer. By Dr Howard Cash, Senior R&D Scientist; Dr David Keller, VP of Scientific Operations; and April Ryzner, Senior Food Technologist, Ganeden Incorporated
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