New Research Earns Pistachios Superfood Status For People With Desk Jobs

People who are distracted at their computer by hunger pangs have something to celebrate—a new snack might just improve their productivity. By Dr Arianna Carughi, Advisory Board Member of the College of Natural Resources at the University of California, Berkeley.   Adding to an increasing number of research studies around…

Developments In The Sports & Energy Drinks Market

Anup Suresh Gude, Senior Research Analyst/FnBA from MarketsandMarkets Research, provides insight into the industry outlook, developments and revenue opportunities in the sports and energy drinks market.   Sports drinks and energy drinks are very different beverage choices that should be assessed and marketed differently from traditional soft drinks as they…

From Wild West To Finely Tuned Instrument

The bad old days of margarine whose production quality was difficult to control are over, thanks to one man’s invention of the modern emulsifier. What was the impact on the industry—and what lies ahead for these powerful production aids? By Palsgaard
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