Utilising Technology To Maximise Yields

Food sorting technology can detect imperfections or unwanted material in a product stream. By detecting imperfections, this technology can help to identify whether produce is suitable to be packaged for consumers or used as ingredients for other products, such as soups or ready-to-eat meals. Organic production is classified as a…

Organic Foods Get A Coronavirus Boost

Ecovia Intelligence expects demand for organic & sustainable foods to remain strong after consumer fears subside in the future. The coronavirus pandemic is leading to a surge in demand for organic and sustainable foods. Retailers across the globe are experiencing hefty sales increases for organic products. Ecovia Intelligence expects the…

Meeting Millennial Demand: Organic Maltodextrin For Infant Nutrition

In recent years, market-savvy consumers have become increasingly aware of food  safety, in addition to being equipped with better technology to obtain information about their diets. This has driven food manufacturers into a position to become transparent about the ingredient lists of their products. In a competitive food industry, the…

Wine Goes Organic

The organic wine market has been booming in the US and Europe, and consumers in Asia could well follow this trend and might reach out for a glass or even a bottle of organic wine for their next drink. By Farah Nazurah

Straight From Source To Doorstep In 12 Hours

Consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious globally, which has resulted in higher consumption of organic food in place of conventional food. Liam McCance, chief executive officer, Subscribe to Food, shares more on the organic food trend in Southeast Asia. By Farah Nazurah
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