Natural Ingredients That Can Extend The Shelf-life Of Food Products

The appeal of natural antimicrobials is that several of them, particularly plant-based extracts, have potential health benefits for humans, says Dr Benny Antony, joint managing director from Arjuna Natural Limited. All food products of biological origin or composed of biological raw materials inherently and inevitably spoil and deteriorate over time.…

Rise Of The Super Bugs In Our Meat Products

Antibiotics are used in the livestock industry for the growth and health of the animals. With the health-related implications this can bring, it is only right that food industry players encourage and ensure antibiotic-free ingredients in their products. By Jason Neo, director, marketing and field applications, rest of Asia, Sciex

Reducing Recall Risk With Rapid Microbial Testing

Spoilage organisms in food can grow depending on the type of food, packaging characteristics or storage environment. Existing microbial test methods rarely detect these, but a new technology is emerging to help processors improve shelf-life estimates and enhance food safety. By Alan Taylor, business manager- microbial detection, Mocon Incorporated
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