How To Create Better-For-You Industrial Cakes

‘Better-for-you’ is an increasingly important differentiation strategy in the competitive commercial cake market. Christophe Lequet, Senior Application Specialist for Bakery at Palsgaard, offers advice to industrial bakers seeking to create healthier products.    Better-for-you: A consumer need—and a way to stand out “What is a healthier cake?” Christophe asks, highlighting the…

Buttering Up Tastes

Butter is making a strong comeback into the food scene, and in new applications. Stanley Goh, regional director, food service-asia & middle east, Fonterra, tells APFI why in an interview. Butter, as we all know, is a milk fat made through the separation of milk components by churning fresh/fermented cream…

From Wild West To Finely Tuned Instrument

The bad old days of margarine whose production quality was difficult to control are over, thanks to one man’s invention of the modern emulsifier. What was the impact on the industry—and what lies ahead for these powerful production aids? By Palsgaard
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