Serving Up Culinary Flavours In Snacks

Depending on where you are in the world, mala, kimchi, gyoza, barbecue, cheese and red chilli are foods or ingredients you would expect to find in a meal. These days however, split open a bag of potato chips or puff snack and you’ll be served up a buffet of tastes…

Healthy Snacking In A COVID-19 Universe

Exploring the perception of health snacking in Asia Pacific, and how the impact of COVID-19 has shifted consumer focus (if any) away from this concept momentarily. Contributed by Anthony Chien, Senior Analyst at Euromonitor International. Snacking represents the activity of consuming food in between meals, and any type of food…

Staying Energised Throughout The Odd Hours Of The Night

What can employees working late hours or graveyard shifts do to ensure they overcome the draw of sleep and work safely and efficiently? It’s all in a healthy, sweet snack, says Klaudia Volmer, Beneo’s functional carbohydrates product manager.

What’s Trending In Bakery And Savoury Snacks?

Clean label continues to lead the bakery and snacking sectors, and with health fast becoming a priority, this has opened up opportunities for clean label and natural ingredients. By Alison Coppolella, Quality Assurance & Technical Development Manager, Azelis  
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