Food Safety: The Role Of Testing In Mycotoxin Risk Management

Mycotoxins are fungal toxins that occur naturally in field crops, food and feeds. They are commonly formed in the field during the growing season and are highly susceptible to the environmental conditions which is made worse in a wet and humid climate. Such contaminated crops are toxic to humans and…

The Pulse: Give Peas A Chance

Next to plant milk beverages, plant “meat” is the fastest growing market for plant protein ingredients. By Henk Hoogenkamp, Author & Protein Application Specialist. The global demand for a more sustainable food system is growing fast, with much of the shift from animal to plant being led by the sub-30-year-old…

Charting The Food And Drinks Industry In 2017

Beneo Asia Pacific managing director Christian Philippsen brings us through what we can expect of Asia’s food industry in 2017, and highlights the major trends shaping the region’s food sector.
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