The Instagram Effect

Starbucks recently sold a limited edition unicorn frappuccino for five days. Companies wouldn’t expect such a short timespan to have a significant impact on their customers, but the brightly coloured beverage had more than 1.3 billion impressions on Twitter and 150,000 posts were tagged with #unicornfrappuccino on Instagram. Here, Darcy…

Digitalisation Is The Best Way To Get A Taste Of The Future

The future is digital food: not the food pills of science fiction, but wine, beer, cheese, meat and vegetables that have been tracked from the field and farm into the factory for consistent quality. By Siemens PLM.   By definition, the food and beverage industry is fast-moving and always changing;…

How Digital Twins Can Drive Factories Of The Future

Digitising the factory and delivering an Industry 4.0 roadmap allows an operator to realise vast improvements, efficiencies and consistency, says Adrian Champion, director of Jakarta-based Adhinata Consulting, which provides IIoT technology and engineering software solutions within Indonesia, Singapore and South-East Asia. Let’s Go Digital In recent years, the buzz word…

Building The ‘Factory Of The Future’

Guido Ceresole, Zone VP SEAP, Gebo Cermex, discusses how ‘The Factory of the Future’ can help enhance efficiency, while bringing unprecedented agility and greater business opportunities.

Taking Advantage Of IoT In The F&B Industry

Automation and the Internet of Things is becoming more important in every industry, including F&B. Keith Chambers, director of Operations & Execution Systems, Schneider Electric, gives his thoughts in an interview with APFI.

Unlock The Full Potential Of ERP Through MES Integration

Complementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with a manufacturing execution system (MES) offers several opportunities to increase the return on investment through better supply chain visibility and decision support, increased business agility, higher operational efficiency and asset performance, and more. Keith Chambers Director, Operations & Execution Systems, Schneider Electric Software…

Internet of Things, Big Data And How They Affect Your ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have long been used by the food industry, but with advances in technology, the functionality they provide food businesses are gradually changing. Richard Haugen, VP, Value Engineering, SAP, addresses this and more.

Investing In Industry 4.0 For SMEs

More manufacturers are turning to digitalisation—in which products, services and data converge in the real and virtual worlds through the Industrial Internet of Things. By Farah Nazurah
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