Growing Applications Of HPP For Dairy Products

Mario González, HPP Applications Specialist at Hiperbaric, the world's leading supplier of HPP machines, tells us about a little-known HPP application that recently has awakened the interest of recognised brands worldwide.   DISADVANTAGES OF STANDARD TREATMENTS Heat treatments’ uses are so wide-ranging because they inactivate bacteria and/or inhibit bacterial growth,…

Asia Cheese Exports From The U.S. On An Upward Trend

Ahead of Food&Hotel Asia, APFI speaks to Vikki Nicholson-West, senior vice president, business unit director, Southeast Asia, USDEC, regarding dairy trends in Asia.  What are the causes for the increase in dairy sales in Asia? Dairy offers a tremendous source of nutrition and taste for vibrant growing economies in Asia. The…

Healthier Approach To Dairy

Consumers are actively seeking out healthy, nutritious choices for themselves, and this trend extends to dairy products. By Farah Nazurah

When Two Is Better Than One

There is so much attention and focus on plant-based and dairy-free diets these days that one might think that dairy is bad for health. But that is not necessarily true because when consumed in the right way, dairy can be part of a healthy diet when blended with other protein…

Innovating With Health In Mind

Health is the top priority for many consumers today, and it is vital that manufacturers innovate with healthy and natural ingredients to create products that consumers love. By Cargill

Tribology And Dairy Products

Health-conscious consumers want low-calorie alternatives for food and beverages and food manufacturers are rushing to meet that demand. Using tribology as an analysing tool, innovations leading to acceptable mouthfeel and texture in products have become more effective, accurate and less time-consuming.
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