Multi-Spectrum Metal Detectors

High performance multi-spectrum metal detector: As the focus on food safety intensifies, there is a need to address the challenges caused by “product effects” on metal detectors.   Metal detectors send out electromagnetic pulses to single out metal contaminants in food products. Food products with high salt and moisture content…

Little Room For Mistakes: Beverage Testing To Ensure Your Drink Is Safe

There is a significant demand for powerful and rapid analytical methods that can detect very low concentrations of contaminations in beverages. By Jason Neo, director, marketing and field applications, SCIEX. The beverage industry accounts for 11 percent of the joint food and beverage industry, valued at US$365 billion. With such…

All-Seeing X-Ray Is Quality’s Best Friend

X-ray inspection technology’s wide capabilities and flexibility can play a major role in delivering high quality products that enhance and protect brand reputation, says Ciaran Murphy, quality control business manager, Ishida Europe. Brand reputation is hard won and easily lost. Companies invest a great deal of time and effort in…

More Than Just Weighing For Safety

Consumers are seeing packaging as more important today, because they provide both information regarding the product, and protection for the product from contamination. Inspection systems are therefore key for food safety, and checkweighers do more than just weighing today. By Thomas Kern, sales director, Industrial, Bizerba South East Asia

Reducing Recall Risk With Rapid Microbial Testing

Spoilage organisms in food can grow depending on the type of food, packaging characteristics or storage environment. Existing microbial test methods rarely detect these, but a new technology is emerging to help processors improve shelf-life estimates and enhance food safety. By Alan Taylor, business manager- microbial detection, Mocon Incorporated
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