Digitalisation In The Midst Of A Pandemic

The food and beverage industry is primed for disruption and innovation right now. The industry trend towards automation and digitalisation has only been accelerated by the ongoing pandemic. Many businesses are facing challenges operating in this constantly evolving climate. Workforce shortages have proved to be an impediment to production flow…

Creative Beverage Trends In Asia: Identified by Artificial Intelligence

Discovering new trends and early signals in beverages can be easier, with the help of artificial intelligence innovations. It’s no secret that the global pandemic has compelled a change in the everyday consumer’s lifestyle and consumption. Fuelled by monotony in isolation, the world has seen the emergence of experimental home…

Going Active And Intelligent With Packaging

With significant developments in the A&IP sector, food and beverage brand owners must embrace A&IP and apply it to their businesses. By Andrew Manly, communications director, Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA)
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