Aspartame – Possibly Cancer-causing?

By Audrey Yow Unnamed sources have reportedly leaked to Reuters that IARC could list aspartame as a possibly cancer-causing (carcinogenic) ingredient.   The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) is the cancer research arm of the World Health Organization (WHO). News of this leak has dealt another blow to…

Natural Sweeteners—Industry Insights

Global worries on overzealous sugar consumption and corresponding rise of sugar related diseases have prompted ingredients manufacturers and product developers to turn to sweeteners as sugar substitutes. By Eddy Lee—Consultant, Chemicals, Materials & Food, Frost & Sullivan.   Trends Of Sugar Substitutes Natural sweeteners are sugar and sugar substitutes that…

Staying Energised Throughout The Odd Hours Of The Night

What can employees working late hours or graveyard shifts do to ensure they overcome the draw of sleep and work safely and efficiently? It’s all in a healthy, sweet snack, says Klaudia Volmer, Beneo’s functional carbohydrates product manager.
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