Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Staying ‘In’ With Seafood

How does one stay atop the seafood industry? Novelle Lim, general manager, Sales, Thong Siek Food Industry Private Limited, shares more with APFI on this.…

Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Least Cost Formulation: Knowing Your Fat From Your Lean

Richard Hebel, product manager for fat analysis at eagle product inspection, looks at the role of fat analysis in achieving least cost formulation (LCF).

Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Chlorine Alternatives For Fresh Produce Production

Wash water used in the production of fresh produce always contains a residual disinfectant to reduce microbial load. Today, more countries are trending towards alternative…


Enhancing Product Appeal In Fruit-Based Beverages

Consumers are becoming more health-conscious, and want enhanced or better-for-you beverages. Texturants can help manufacturers to meet these needs without compromising on visual appeal or…


'Must Have' Beverages All Gone Cold

Cold press juices and cold brew coffee are the 'in' beverages now. What are these, and why are they trending? By Emma Wright, beverage analyst,…


Aseptic Filling-A Safer And Greener Solution

Family-owned Philippine Spring Water Resources Incorporated desired to upgrade the quality of their iced tea by removing preservatives, and found a safe and green solution…


Electron Beam Technology For Sterilisation In Practice

In a world that emphasises on food safety, electron beam technology is fast gaining popularity as a method for sterilisation of carton packaging in beverages…


What’s In Your Drink?

Ensuring safety in beverages is important for consumer health, and one such way to do this for manufacturers is through mass spectrometry during beverage processing.…

Market Trends

Market Outlook 2017: Analysing The Beverage Industry

Frederic Sailly, EVP product development, Sidel, shares the latest trends in the beverage industry for products and processing. Complete line solutions and green manufacturing will…

Metal Detection, X-Ray & Vision Solutions

Sorting The Good From The Bad

With the focus on food safety, it is time for manufacturers to fully embrace the benefits of automated processing and production technology. Sorting and analysis…

Market Trends

Processing And Producing For Healthy, Safe Convenient Foods

APFI talks to Andrew Kwan, group managing director, Commonwealth Capital, on trending products and processing technologies.

Metal Detection, X-Ray & Vision Solutions

Ensuring The Safety And Integrity Of Tall, Rigid Containers

Daniela Verhaeg, marketing manager at Mettler Toledo safeline x-ray, looks at how x-ray technology can enable superior inspection of tall, rigid containers.

Market Trends

Market Outlook 2017: Processing Food For Consumers

What customers and end consumers want is most important in food processing, says Jim Strang, CEO, Asia/Pacific and Europe, Heat and Control. He elaborates on…

Metal Detection, X-Ray & Vision Solutions

Effective Protection With X-Ray

Consumers, retailers and legislators are applying more pressure on manufacturers to prevent any form of product contamination. For companies who want to protect their brand,…

Metal Detection, X-Ray & Vision Solutions

Safeguarding Pumped Products

Pumped products are now finding their way to consumers’ grocery baskets more frequently and traditional food inspection at the end of line may no longer…

Metal Detection, X-Ray & Vision Solutions

Squeezing Every Ounce Of Revenue From Meat & Poultry

Kyle Thomas, strategic business unit (SBU) manager at Eagle product inspection, looks at how product inspection equipment can enable processors to extract maximum value from…


The Checkweigher— Knowledge Is Power

The checkweigher’s role as the ‘policeman’ of the packing line is evolving to one where it can make a significant contribution to overall efficiency and…

Metal Detection, X-Ray & Vision Solutions

Finding The Right Inspection Technology

With high profile food safety incidents in recent years putting the spotlight on legislation and regulations, manufacturers have to ensure greater due diligence to safeguard…


Effective Disinfection In Breweries

In beverage production, cleanliness and hygiene take top priority. This applies equally to all processes in breweries. This is the only way to manufacture quality…

Belts, Conveyors & Lubricants

Lubrication With Zero Waste

An increasing amount of manufacturers are turning to dry lubrication, a solution that can help improve a company’s processes and environmental footprint, while reducing costs.…