Nutrition & Market Trends

Knowing Your Omega-3: Source, Efficacy And Quality

Following consumer trends, food manufacturers are churning out new omega-3 products ever so frequently leaving consumers baffled by the differences between products. What should consumers…

Nutrition & Market Trends

Market Outlook 2017: Incorporating Consumer Demands With Ingredients

The health and wellness trend is still going strong globally. Scott Nykaza, president and chief operating officer, Kalsec, gives his opinion on what ingredients will…

Nutrition & Market Trends

How Do Consumer’s Tastes Evolve With The Health & Wellness Trend?

Consumers globally are increasingly health conscious—they want healthier ingredients in food and drinks, with lesser sugar content. Transparency in where ingredients are sourced is also…

Nutrition & Market Trends

Six Functional Ingredients Trends For 2017

With consumers being more savvy and conscientious than ever, F&B manufacturers are scrambling to meet growing demands for functional ingredients. This article examines six trends…

Nutrition & Market Trends

Taste Is Key In Healthier Food And Drinks

In an exclusive interview, Dr Tan Sze, managing director, Nestlé Research and Development Centre Singapore, speaks to APFI on the importance of understanding nutritional needs…

Emulsifiers, Stabilisers, Mouthfeel & Texture

Promising Mouthfeel With Tribology

Tribology, a field of study that is most commonly used in the automotive industry, may be the key to unlock the mystery behind the sensory…

Emulsifiers, Stabilisers, Mouthfeel & Texture

Molecular Encapsulation For Stable Emulsions

Salad dressings, whipped desserts, ice cream or even mayonnaise are a big part of our lives today. However they contain an oil-in-water phase and need…

Emulsifiers, Stabilisers, Mouthfeel & Texture

Can We Print Crispiness?

Food demands are becoming harder to achieve. Consumers want personalised, unique foods that have familiar mouthfeel, texture, and are nutritious. At the same time, they…

Emulsifiers, Stabilisers, Mouthfeel & Texture

Tribology And Dairy Products

Health-conscious consumers want low-calorie alternatives for food and beverages and food manufacturers are rushing to meet that demand. Using tribology as an analysing tool, innovations…

Emulsifiers, Stabilisers, Mouthfeel & Texture

Great Yoghurt Textures Are A Technical Triumph

For the best and most stable yoghurts to captivate consumers, you need the tailored texturant that takes proteins in hand, matches your process and meets…

Emulsifiers, Stabilisers, Mouthfeel & Texture

When Oil And Water Don’t Mix

Emulsifiers and stabilisers are commonly used food additives for their functional properties. What roles do they play in food applications? By DPO International

Emulsifiers, Stabilisers, Mouthfeel & Texture

Water Activity And Quality In Confectionery

Water is one of the most important components in confectionery. Though sugar is the signature ingredient of candy and confectionery, water runs a close second,…

Emulsifiers, Stabilisers, Mouthfeel & Texture

Overcoming The Frozen Bakery Challenge

The concept of frozen dough and par-baking has shifted the economics of freshly baked bread, but can they match the perception of freshness and common…

Emulsifiers, Stabilisers, Mouthfeel & Texture

From Wild West To Finely Tuned Instrument

The bad old days of margarine whose production quality was difficult to control are over, thanks to one man’s invention of the modern emulsifier. What…


The Quest For The Right Protein

Sports nutrition is a growing market driven by consumers looking to support personal health and wellbeing. Beverages enhanced with protein is becoming more popular, but…

Healthy Alternatives

Reducing Glycaemic Response With Inulin

Carbohydrates are an essential food in our daily diets. More studies are now supporting the importance of reduced glycaemic response and the use of inulin…


Beverages Made Healthier With Probiotics

‘Probiotic’ products are everywhere, but not all consumers know exactly what they are or how they benefit health. The addition of probiotics to products can…


Bottled Water & Natural Hydration Fuel The 2017 Global Soft Drinks Industry

The lines between soft drink categories are blurring, as consumers are seeking options that can provide everything they desire—hydration, natural, low- or no-calorie, yet nicely…


Reducing Sugar Content In Beverages : A Growing Global Trend

Reducing sugar in beverages is not easy, but hydrocolloid technology presents options for today’s formulators. By Ross Clark, distinguished research fellow, CP Kelco

Natural, Free-From & Functional Ingredients

Shelf-Life Extension For Meat And Poultry

To cope with increasingly hectic lifestyles, consumers are expecting more from foods today: convenient, natural, healthy, tasty, and even better if these can last for…