Work From Home Without Gaining Weight?

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

What can help you manage and control your weight while working from home?

Contributed by Natcha Wongthongdee, PhD, Team Technical Lead — Nutrition and Nutraceuticals, Asia Pacific, Ashland Specialty Ingredients.

We have all had similar experiences in adapting to the constraints placed upon us with the emergence of the COVID 19 global pandemic. The pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives, from work schedules, places for work, virtual school learning, grocery shopping and interpersonal relationships that are essential to our wellbeing. Notably, psychological, economic and social stresses have been identified as factors that impact everyone.

Stress may cause overeating

Adapting to the “new norm” of living in the COVID pandemic, we found ourselves challenged to maintain wellness under new circumstances. As many of us have been working from home, our routines have been completely disrupted. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating a well-balanced diet, staying physically active and getting restful sleep has been more difficult to achieve.

During uncertain and stressful times, many people turn to emotional eating as a coping mechanism for stress management.


Starchy foods can contribute to weight gain

The human body uses energy from three major food sources: fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Weight gain is often caused by eating too many carbohydrates, especially the fast-digesting carbohydrates like white rice, noodles, bread, pasta, pizza, and starchy vegetables. Carbohydrates like sugars and starches are often presented in almost every Asian meal such as rice, noodles, flatbreads, and desserts. Simple carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels quickly to supply high energy however, this high carbohydrate intake can lead to unwanted weight gain.

What should be included in high carb meals?

Incorporating fiber, vegetables, seeds and/or natural carb blockers that are usually found in certain foods such as legumes is a simple approach to a weight management routine when combined with exercise. One product which is a proven solution for carb control is Phase 2™ white kidney bean extract. This plant extract can be customized into various forms of dietary supplements and functional food applications. Phase 2 ™ white kidney bean extract has no flavour impact.

Who’s got the skinny on carb control?

Phase 2™ carb controller is a proprietary, natural ingredient derived from the white kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) by water extraction process. It works by reducing the enzymatic digestion of dietary starches by up to 66% and lowering the absorption of carbohydrates 1-3. Phase 2™ extract has a well-established safety profile.

Limiting carbohydrate digestion and absorption by inhibiting the enzyme alpha-amylase (α-amylase) activity can have an important beneficial effect on weight loss and maintenance. The recommended dosage of Phase 2™ extract is 500–1500 mg per starchy meal. The amount required will vary based on the amount of carbohydrate ingested. Phase 2™ extract can be formulated into a variety of formats e.g., capsule, tablet, instant powder, foods, beverages, bakery, sprinkle sachet, and stick packs.

Clinical studies and regulatory

Phase 2™ white kidney bean extract has been extensively studied in more than 14 clinical studies over the past 15 years. A meta-analysis conducted on 11 studies of weight loss (573 subjects) and 3 studies for meta-analysis of fat reduction (110 subjects) found significant effects of white kidney bean supplementation on body weight and body fat reduction 5 .

Phase 2™ white kidney bean extract has been reviewed by U.S. FDA to permit two structure/function claims: o may reduce the enzymatic digestion of dietary starch o may assist in weight control when used with diet and exercise.

How great would it be to work from home without gaining more weight?

Taking a natural carb controller has the potential to assist in controlling weight gain and reducing spikes in blood sugar. 1 When your daily diet consists of foods rich in carbohydrates, adding more vegetables and fibre may help as well as supplementing with Phase 2™ carb controller. In addition, stay active by increasing physical exercise.

These steps may prove beneficial to maintaining health and getting through the COVID pandemic struggles.

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*References are available upon request.

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