Trending In 2020: Shades Of Aqua Set To Strengthen Bonds With The Natural World

Thursday, February 13th, 2020

‘Shades of Aqua’ will be the key food & beverage colour trend for 2020, with vivid blues and greens set to drive innovation as shoppers seek products that re-connect them with nature. GNT’s food & beverage colour prediction is aligned with the influential Pantone color forecast, which also places greens and blues center-stage.

The forecast has been made by GNT Group, supplier of EXBERRY Coloring Foods, which says that demand for Shades of Aqua will also be powered by a quest for holistic wellbeing* and demand for new and unique food & beverage experiences that will pop out when shared on social media.

Maartje Hendrickx, GNT’s Market Development Manager, commented: “Shades of Aqua evoke marine environments and mountain landscapes, conveying a sense of health and wholesomeness and strong links with the outdoors. Green is rooted in nature. It is a positive identifier for nutrition and signifies freshness and organic goodness. Blue evokes the ocean garden. It conveys a sense of relaxation and calm and is impactful on social media.”

To enable food and beverage companies to harness the appeal of Shades of Aqua, GNT has developed a range of green and blue EXBERRY Colouring Foods with clean-label appeal. They are made from spirulina, an algae that contains phycocyanin, a naturally occurring colouring component. They are the perfect replacement for artificial colourants, including brilliant blue and patent blue, and other additives such as copper chlorophyllin.

Shades of Aqua Colouring Foods will be at the heart of GNT’s new Love Colour with EXBERRY initiative for 2020.

Maartje Hendrickx added: “Shoppers want food & beverage products that are ‘clean’ and ‘simple’*. EXBERRY Colouring Foods are aligned with this because they are made using only physical processes and never with chemical solvents. They aren’t additives—they’re foods. They can be eaten at any stage of the manufacturing process and they qualify for cleaner and simpler label declarations.”

GNT’s food & beverage colour prediction is aligned with the influential Pantone colour forecast, which also places greens and blues center-stage*. Pantone’s forecast singles out Nature Remastered—“mossy wild and yellowy greens”—and Mineral Patina—“Indigo dyes seep and stain textiles with tones of blues.”


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