Travel The World Through Drinks

Friday, June 11th, 2021

In an interview with Asia Pacific Food Industry (APFI), Eloise Dubuisson, Marketing Director, Foodservice Street at Kerry APMEA shares the inspiration behind DaVinci Gourmet’s “Sip & Trip” campaign and how it is bringing wellness into foodservice.


What is the inspiration behind DaVinci Gourmet’s sip and trip campaign?

Eloise Dubuisson (ED): Consumers today miss travelling and want an escape. Unfortunately, COVID-19 and travel restrictions have put the brakes on that. At DaVinci Gourmet, we saw this as an opportunity to offer consumers a chance to experience the joys of travel through drinks, by creating beverages inspired by some of the best foodie destinations around the world. Our Flavour Geniuses (baristas and mixologists) looked to different cultures, ingredients and local drinks to create the “Sip & Trip” recipe collection of coffee, tea, frappes and mocktails, a drinks passport to the world, designed to help consumers get that escapade they crave from the first sip.

Take for example the Minimalistic Cinnamon Milk Brew concept, which takes a leaf from Japan. Milk Brew is a new cold brew method using milk instead of water, resulting in a rich, creamy taste in every sip with notes of cinnamon and cocoa, and concocted with DaVinci Gourmet Spiced Turbinado Syrup.

So far, feedback has revealed that out of the 21 city-inspired drink concepts created, Bali emerged tops, which is no surprise given that it topped Big 7 Travel’s 2019 world’s top 50 bucket list destinations. Our New York, Paris and South Korea drink concepts came in runners-up.


What are some challenges faced by the foodservice industry in coming up with beverages that meet consumer demand for taste, novelty and health?

ED: While we understand that every drink is as unique as the person drinking it, operators are constantly looking to improve their operations to reduce costs through efficiency. Business owners need to capture fast-moving trends in beverages to win and retain customers. As each channel in the foodservice industry is different, our focus is on customising beverage solutions for our customers to meet the needs of their consumers. What are their operational constraints, who are their target consumers, what do they hope to achieve?

We address these by tapping our proprietary artificial intelligence tool as well as in-market knowledge through the lens of our global Flavour Genius network and research. Then, with our science and technology, we produce products with our proprietary ingredients and solutions in a highly stable, consistent and convenient format so that our baristas and mixologists can freely create the drinks consumers want, and lead in the marketplace.


What is the potential of the health beverage market in Southeast Asia? How is DaVinci Gourmet bringing wellness into foodservice?

ED: Wellness remains top of mind today among consumers. People are choosing food and drink carefully, with 73 percent of consumers across Asia saying that products with added nutrients appeal to them (Source: Global Data – May 2020). From immune and digestive health to protein fortification, consumers are looking to add more functional ingredients in their diets to support good health. Beverage is the fastest growing category for wellness concepts; a recent Mintel & FS Menu Intelligence report highlighting results of a Kerry consumer survey conducted in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa indicates that 67 percent of consumers look to the foodservice industry for drinks that offer an extra nutritional boost.

In response to this demand, DaVinci Gourmet developed a Health Boost range of five beverage solutions fortified to enhance wellbeing – Wellmune Boost, Culture Boost, Plant Protein Boost, Turmeric and Bulletproof Craft Blends. These are available in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa through foodservice distributors and operators. It is the first functional range in these markets.

  • Wellmune Boost is formulated with Wellmune, a research-backed beta glucan clinically proven to support a healthy immune system.
  • Culture Boost is crafted with GanedenBC30, a shelf-stable, spore forming probiotic with digestive health benefits.
  • Plant Protein Boost has ProDiem, a unique plant protein that contains all the essential amino acids required to enhance an active lifestyle and strength.
  • Turmeric Craft Blend doubles the immunity boosting power of turmeric through a unique combination with black pepper and spices.
  • Bulletproof Craft Blend contains high quality Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) oils to elevate your regular coffee.


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