TechInnovation returns to deliver 2 days Of Insightful And Engaging Crowdsourcing Opportunities

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

In its 7th edition, TechInnovation returns to deliver 2 days of insightful and engaging crowdsourcing opportunities, technology pitching, and productive one-to-one pre-matched meetings. With innovative tech and new partners in the pipeline, the 2018 edition is brimming with fresh opportunities for its participants.

Ahead of the event, APFI speaks to 2 participating companies, Anquan and Bountifood, to understand what makes them stand out in the open market.

Anquan spokesperson: Max Kantelia, CEO & Co-Founder, Anquan

  • How can blockchain technology empower F&B manufacturers?

Consumers care about the quality, safety and provenance of their food. Value for food comes from the ability to ensure that the food we claim at source is the food that arrives on a table, and that they remain unadulterated along the supply chain. Tracking food using blockchains allows for greater transparency and for us to see the trail of a food item from one part of the supply chain to the next. Consumer trust in food in many markets is damaged and companies can no longer depend on labelings of “healthy” or “organic” to generate value. Blockchain allows new ways to substantiate claims about our food. Furthermore, in any food recall, blockchains can ensure that the time to tracking down food items is minimised.


  • What are some common barriers to the adoption of this technology?

One big barrier lies in lack of familiarity with the technology. There is alot of hype around the technology, which tends to obscure what it actu
ally can or cannot do. Furthermore, blockchain adoption requires coordination among many players in the ecosystem, with adoption often having to be driven by regulators or major buyers. Like EDI technology, without a major buyer like Walmart, it would be much harder to see adoption of blockchains in supply chains, where many ecosystem actors might have an incentive to hide information.


About Anquan

Anquan works to spin out blockchain and cybersecurity research from the National University of Singapore. We have spun out Zilliqa, a public blockchain protocol with high transaction throughput, which uses a security-focused smart contract language. We also develop a permissioned blockchain solution, with a focus on financial markets, supply chains, logistics and data sharing.


Check back on Monday, 10 September for Part 2 of this Interview with Bountifood!