TechInnovation Returns To Deliver 2 Days Of Insightful And Engaging Crowdsourcing Opportunities

Monday, September 10th, 2018

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In its 7th edition, TechInnovation returns to deliver 2 days of insightful and engaging crowdsourcing opportunities, technology pitching, and productive one-to-one pre-matched meetings. With innovative tech and new partners in the pipeline, the 2018 edition is brimming with fresh opportunities for its participants.

Ahead of the event, APFI speaks to 2 participating companies, Anquan and Bountifood, to understand what makes them stand out in the open market.

Bountifood spokesperson: Barnabas Chan, Managing Director, Bountifood Pte Ltd

  • What makes Bountifood different from other ingredient manufacturers? How does the Asian market differ from other international markets? Do consumers want different types of functional foods?

The team who founded Bountifood are senior executives from the pharmaceutical industry and medical doctors. We saw a trend that where consumers want to get healthy by eating the right kind of food and not popping supplement pills. Our companies’ vision is to lower diet related diseases significantly through advanced food technology, making what we eat healthy and functional while not affecting the taste and texture of the food products.


What sets us apart from other ingredient companies are that while we are a food ingredient company, our primary service to our customer is in food reformulation and contract R&D work. We deal with the client’s problem statement specifically, firstly with our knowledge in food science, then with our functional ingredients. In food, taste and texture is paramount. One of our clients came to us wanting to have a healthy bread, we helped them develop a range of bread products with our CarboLightTM, a natural polyphenol, that when added to starch, slows down digestion of starch significantly. Another client wanted a healthy noodle, our team worked with them to develop a product using ResiStarchTM, our flour which is high in resistant starch. The texture, taste and most importantly, pricing was right.


We owned platform technologies which could improve ingredients to create a solution for current problems. We sell rice and pea proteins, but are cognizant that one of the main issues of plant protein is its texture which leaves a gritty sensation in the throat. We use our platform technology to modify the surface of these proteins to produce products that have no gritty texture. We use nanoparticle technology to create nano-curcumin which makes non-soluble superfood ingredients easily dispersible in water. We create nano-salt which reduces salt intake as saltiness is felt the moment nano-salt touches the taste buds. We are constantly creating new solutions for our clients using our platform technologies.


We put science behind the claims to our ingredients. All our branded ingredients are backed by a substantial amount of scientific studies before they are launched. Each of our product claims are legitimate claims backed by published data. The brand of our ingredients guarantees the safety and quality of the product in the minds of the consumers. The branding also guarantees that every claim behind our functional ingredient is backed up by solid science in published scientific journals.

Health and functional food in general are increasing in popularity. However, each market is unique in their needs.


For example, the Asian market has strong demand for whitening products which are not as popular in the western world. The Japanese has very high specifications on ingredients which may not be required by the Western market. Most economies in SEA have been on a learning curve for functional ingredients, but with significant increase in middle-income consumers, this market is the next big thing. The Asian market is unique, I must say that until today manufacturers are still using their western tastes and culture in the Asian market. Food is a sacred thing here in Asia, and taste is paramount. Although there may be great function in the food product, if it does not suit the taste and habits of the Asian consumers, it will not serve its purpose as no one will be buying it. We at Bountifood understand the Asian consumers and we are creating food that will appeal to them. We are Asians, we are food scientists.


About Bountifood:

Bountifood is an Advanced Food Technology company that develops and manufactures healthy and functional food ingredients. We work with clients in food reformulation and contract R&D for functional, healthy and innovative food products. We use advanced knowledge in food technology to create products which are functional and do not compromise on tastiness and great texture. We currently have products to reduce starch digestibility, a sugar that tastes and cooks like cane sugar but has only 10 percent calorie value and no impact on glucose level as well as a nano-particle salt which reduces overall salt intake.


 [Part 2: Read Part 1 Here!]