Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show 2019

Friday, July 5th, 2019

The 5th Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show (TIFSS) will be unveiled from 26 to 28 September this year at Kaohsiung Exhibition Centre. The show area includes Fishing Equipment & Technology, Aquaculture, Seafood & Value-Added Seafood, Seafood Process, Marine Biotechnology, and will feature the latest products and technologies in Deep Sea Fishery, Aquaculture, Fishing Processing and Marine Biotechnology. TIFSS is the one and only  integrated show of entire fishery value chain in Taiwan. It’s expected to attract 7,000 buyers from home and abroad.

As global living standards advance, food safety becomes a major issue, with frozen food requirements in countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan already accounting for 35 percent of total consumer food data analysed, making cold chain logistics and frozen facilities a necessary investment in fresh food production. Many of the producers and distributors are importing a variety of systems and facilities that combine eco-systems, cloud monitoring and developing smart aquaculture technology.

This year, visitors will find a variety of innovative technologies. One of the exhibitors, Anyong Biotechnology, will be showcasing the CAS ultra-low temperature warehouse application Cells Alive System from Japan and combining it with flash freezing facilities. The technology can fully preserve the freshness of ingredients and maintain its fresh taste. The amount of storage in the warehouse may exceed 5,000 tonnes. It’s the 3rd largest CAS preservation warehouse in the world after France and Germany. Tonyang Organic Farm will showcase the Organic Feeding Clam, which feeds through pool water circulation with mud combining probiotics and nitrifying bacteria. The clam will filter out clean water after it eats algae. Its annual output is up to 50 tonnes. It is full of healthy elements and nutrition, and it tastes fresh and tender. The product has won unanimous applause from the Japanese market.

Taiwan’s fishery industry over the last five years has a total annual output value of US$3.2 billion. According to the data, the use of Taiwan’s cold chain logistics approaches 80 to 90 percent, which is similar to developed countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan. Taiwan’s annual market output of cold chain logistics is around US$9.3 billion. Taiwan has 10 cold chain logistics centers, which produce US$1.6 billion in business opportunities per year. Asia’s cold chain logistics has grown rapidly since 2017. The current Asian cold chain logistics market has growth of 20 percent per year, and it’s expected to approach US$23.5 billion by 2020.

TIFSS 2019, held by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council and My Exhibition Corporation, is one of Asia’s most professional procurement platforms. The show also holds numerous events such as procurement conferences, forums and product launches. Exhibitors can explore more business opportunities and garner the latest industry trends by joining these activities.

Moreover, this year’s show gathers many renowned indicator vendors such as Okuma, Etuoh, and Tsuenchen. The show expects to give a brand-new vision to the domestic fishery market.

For more information, please refer to the official website: https://www.taiwanfishery.com/en_US/index.html


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