SPX FLOW Dispersion Solutions: Delivering Process Quality, Efficiency And Consistency

Monday, October 1st, 2018

When it comes to food and beverage processing, the effectiveness of dispersion processes can have a significant impact on final product quality, says SPX FLOW Limited. 


When it comes to food and beverage processing, the effectiveness of dispersion processes can have a significant impact on final product quality. Whether mixing, homogenising or separating, these processes help to define a product’s characteristics and quality and the selection of the best processing solution is completely driven by application.

Homogenisers can be used to optimise product characteristics or reduce the overall amount of processing energy required. With a long history in homogenisation through the Rannie and Gaulin brands, SPX FLOW, Inc. has a large installed base and vast process and application experience to help customers achieve the results they require. A wide range of specifications and choice of homogenising valves is available to match process requirements and SPX FLOW Innovation Centres can trial and test processes and recipes to help get products to market more quickly, while ensuring processes are operating as required before full production scale-up.

The SPX FLOW APV Cavitator technology offers breakthrough performance in mixing, scale-free heating and product conditioning using controlled, hydrodynamic cavitation. The mixer can improve the productivity of spray dryers in diary applications by lowering the viscosity of milk and whey concentrates to enable a higher volume of dry matter content in the fluid and a more homogenous feed to the dryer. This results in significant energy savings during the drying process, improves the production capacity of the process line and increases run time.

Other areas where the Cavitator mixer has proven to be of particular value include the smoothing of yoghurt to produce tasty, low fat products with improved mouth feel. It has also been used in combination with the leading SPX FLOW LeanCreme process to enhance microparticulation of whey protein concentrate (WPC).

Also, within the vast range of mixers offered by SPX FLOW is the innovative APV Flex-Mix Instant vacuum mixer. This clever machine can handle even difficult-to-mix powders using a bottom-fed system to improve wettability and dispersability of the powders. Its ability to mix fluids with high solid content can save on initial investment and operational costs, while its high shear produces small, narrow particle size distribution to enhance favourable product characteristics. The Flex-Mix Instant is engineered to have completely separated wet and dry areas for improved hygienic performance and, by using vacuum mixing, product oxidation is reduced and final product quality enhanced.

SPX FLOW’s Seital separators are used in a wide range of liquid/liquid and liquid/solid clarification or separation processes and offer excellent return on investment. The high-performing units are precisely designed using advanced software modelling tools which enable detailed mechanical and hydraulic analysis. Mounted on a compact, pre-assembled base, they are easy to install and do not require concrete foundations. Maintenance is minimised because units are engineered for high dynamic stability, making the separators mechanically reliable. To further enhance process availability, solutions are supported by the option of remote monitoring technology.

All SPX FLOW dispersion solutions are based on an enormous amount of experience in food, beverage and dairy applications and are supported by comprehensive service solutions designed to match customer expectations.

As technology advances and the demands of consumers change, it is important that dispersion technology keeps pace to meet the needs of the Food Industry into the future. For example, today, homogenisers have been enhanced to improve reliability, optimise user operation and facilitate easier maintenance. Automation of these units has also advanced with new PLC controls and touchscreen user interfaces, designed to make installation easier and reduce integration and start-up times.

Whichever dispersion solution is required, understanding the process and the desired results helps to meet diverse processing needs. Processes can be tested in facilities such as Innovation Centers to ensure smooth scale-up from lab through pilot to full scale production with reliable, repeatable results. With the support of leading food technology personnel, customers can find ways to achieve the process results they are looking for and have confidence in scale-up with consistent quality.


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