Spreading The Goodness Of Natural Food Colours & Flavours

Friday, May 4th, 2018

Nature is the best place to start when it comes to adding colour and flavour to any product.

Consumers’ expectations are increasing day by day, and they expect their favorite foods to have natural ingredients. It is time to turn the conversion to colours and flavours sourced from nature. In today’s world, consumers have become increasingly knowledgeable about the ingredients being used in their foods and look specifically for products that proclaim naturalness.

Further, bold/exotic flavours, snacking, health and wellness are all at the forefront for consumer food preferences; the millennial generation is driving those options with their adventurous palates. Hence, manufacturers have recognised this increasing demand and responded, leading to a multitude of products being marketed as natural.


Rosemary Extract: One Of The Best Food Antioxidants

Rosemary extract is one of the ingredients with great potential in the food industry used as a preservative due to its antioxidant and antimicrobial activities. Rosemary’s bioactive compounds, specifically the two types of polyphenol—Carnosic acid and Rosmarinic acid—are responsible for these functions. Several studies demonstrate that the antioxidant capacity of rosemary extracts is more effective than that of other conventional antioxidants used in the food industry.

Plant Lipids develops wide range of natural plant extracts which help to extend the shelf-life of food products without affecting the sensory profile. Rosemary extract is 100 percent natural and constitutes both water soluble and oil soluble antioxidants with maximum purity. Rosemary extracts are available in powder or liquid forms for different product applications which include meat and poultry, oil- and fat-based products, beverages, snacks, baked products, seasonings and natural colours.

Rosemary extracts offer clean labeling, and based on the country-specific regulation, can be labeled as a natural flavour or antioxidant. It prevents oxidation and can increase the shelf-life of foods and beverages by incorporating its active ingredients—carnosic and rosmarinic acids—into food and drink formulations. Rosemary is a plant with anti-oxidative benefits, and it can be used as natural protection from free-radical damage. Carnosic and rosemarinic acids can be concentrated naturally to yield the full variety of rosemary extract ingredients.

The surge in demand for natural products has trickled down to ingredient suppliers, like Plant Lipids, who are inventing new ways to find natural alternatives to traditional ingredients to allow their customers to target consumer demand for natural products. This has meant reduced uptake of some long-established ingredients, coupled with the emergence of new alternatives with a basis in nature, which allow products to fit the natural trend better.


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