Specialty Fats for Healthy Living

Saturday, September 11th, 2021

In a pandemic climate, there is an increasing demand from consumers for healthier food options to meet their lifestyle goals. With this rise in demand, the bakery and confectionery industries are rapidly shifting towards clean-label and healthier choice ingredients for their finished products. 

In the middle of this ongoing quest for health, it is still important to note that fat is one of the most important components for foods such as bakery and confectionery products. As such, bakery and confectionery producers need a clean-label, safer and healthier fat that provides the same functionality as traditional sources of fat (palm oil, soybean oil etc) without affecting the end performance, taste and texture of the product. 

We in Bunge Loders Croklaan have taken immense care to make sure we not only provide functional fats for each application but also healthier choice and a cleaner label while doing so. We possess a leading-edge lipid processing technology, bringing a state-of-the-art product to our customers that is at least a decade ahead of its time in the region. 

Synthetic trans fats are formed when partial hydrogenated fats are used for the functionality purpose. Traditionally, non-tempering Cocoa Butter Alternatives (CBA) used for making Chocolate Compounds are produced by hydrogenating vegetable oils like Palm Kernel oil, Palm oil or Soybean oil. This process results in formation of trans-fats which are very bad for health. 

In recent years, to prevent trans-fat formation, most producers use full hydrogenation, which results in products having very high levels of saturated fat. The intake of high saturated fat is also considered bad for health but most low trans-fat alternatives available in the market have this problem.

To address this concern, Bunge Loders Croklaan has developed a range of confectionery fats that does not use the hydrogenation process—this won’t cause an increase of trans-fat and saturated fat. It is produced using a special technology known as interesterification, which doesn’t cause trans-fat formation. Further, the product uses a special state-of-the-art technology that isolates special fractions of triglycerides, resulting in the production of these fats.

Other than having clean-label claims like non-hydrogenated, low trans-fat and reduced saturated fat, these varieties of specialty fats also provide new added functionality like improved crystallisation speed, non-tempering, heat resistance, high cocoa butter tolerance, good bloom resistance and so on. This allows our consumers to indulge in foods they enjoy without feeling guilty. 

Bunge Loders Croklaan’s new range of CBMs which are having more or less same chemical structure of triglycerides found in real cocoa butter. This gives additional benefits for the customers to develop exceptional tempered super-coatings having special functionality on heat resistance, bloom stability, improved tempering conditions and indulging sensory to name a few. This is part of our initiative to continuously improve and develop unique fat solution beyond the standard CBEs available in the market.

Other than this exceptional new innovation in confectionery fat solutions, Bunge Loders Croklaan is also launching four new specialty shortenings called Icingshort, which is ideal for icing and creaming applications. Icingshort shortenings offer good machinability and are simple to work with, given their wide temperature tolerance and extremely smooth consistency. They also deliver a bright aerated appearance, light texture, and have a unique ability to retain a good level of moisture that may come from ingredients like glucose syrup or water. 

Bunge Loders Croklaan is also proud to present its BeLeaf range, which is a plant-based solution focused not only for vegan meat innovation market (including burgers, sausages, nuggets etc), but also in other applications like cheese, ice-cream, butter and other dairy products with a vegan claim. 

Our strong application and technical team is continuously developing new vegan solutions which are not only healthy, but are also sustainable for a better world.

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