Safely Sealed Up: Iglidur Sealing Concept For Longer Service Life

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

New seals for maintenance-free plain bearings from igus provide additional hygiene and protection against extreme dirt accumulation.

Heavy dirt, abrasive dust and aggressive media can, under extreme circumstances, stress plain bearings and damage the shaft. In order to further optimise the safety of machinery and plants in these cases, igus has now developed sealing rings for its lubrication-free polymer flanged bearings. Simply put on the flange, it protects the plain bearing and components behind them. In this way, machine downtime can be avoided and service life increased.

If the designer is looking for a long-lasting plain bearing for his application, which has to withstand dirt, dust, chemicals, wind and weather, many users already point to iglidur plain bearings made of high-performance plastics. Because igus’ materials are lubrication-free and thus maintenance-free, dirt does not adhere to the bearing in contrast to metallic versions.

Another advantage: the polymer plain bearings cannot rust. For applications with extremely high levels of dirt accumulation—for example, in construction or agricultural machinery—igus has now developed an additional safety concept in the form of sealing rings. The seals are available for all igus flanged bearings in all dimensions and for more than 50 materials, making a wide range of application-related material combinations feasible.

The flexible sealing rings are simply slipped onto the flange and they protect against the ingress of dirt and media into the plain bearing and components behind it. For applications in which customers rely on additional lubrication, the sealing ring ensures that the lubricants do not press out of the bearing. The wear is further reduced, the shaft protected from corrosion, and the service life of the applications is enhanced.


Universal Use In Environments With Special Requirements

Igus offers sealing rings in an all-rounder material for all igus flanged bearings and in an FDA-compliant material. The latter is therefore particularly suitable for use in the food industry.

The FDA-compliant seal, in combination with the flanged bearings made of FDA-compliant materials such as iglidur A160, A180 and A350, can protect bearing points and components from aggressive cleaning agents while optimising hygiene. In addition to the agricultural and construction machinery industry, possible application scenarios for the all-rounder sealing rings include general mechanical engineering for slow-running pumps and conveyor belts as well as actuators in the automotive industry. The plain bearings with seal are ready to install, supplied as a complete solution, available in different models and combinations according to customer requirements.


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