Rich, Indulgent Bakery Products Are Possible With Carabuta NH

Thursday, October 8th, 2020

Fats are an important component of bakery products. They provide tenderness, texture, flakiness, lubrication and most importantly, the indulgent mouthfeel and richness that consumers crave. They interact with other ingredients in the recipe to influence the texture and overall mouthfeel of a product, so choosing the right fat is essential to bakery products’ success in the market. 

Butter is a popular source of fat in the bakery industry. It’s widely used by most manufacturers due to its easy availability in the market and other benefits such as high moisture content. The presence of water in butter makes it great for leavening (letting the dough rise), which is essential for a soft and desirable baked good. 

However, in recent times, consumers have expressed great interest in lowering—but not fully cutting out—butter in their diet. This is due to its high cholesterol and trans-fat content. As a result, food manufacturers have been forced to re-examine their popular and best-selling recipes to provide ‘lite’ or ‘better for you’ versions of indulgent treats. 

In certain scenarios, flavoured fat can be used as a suitable substitute to butter. For example, Bunge Loders Croklaan has recently introduced Carabuta NH, a palm-based flavour fat which acts as a milk fat replacer in various bakery goods such as bread, cookies, biscuit and crackers. It contains the milk fat flavour precursors, creating creamy notes of butter during baking. The flavour compound is stable in the fat system and will only be released once the heat is induced, making it desirable in a bakery manufacturing environment. 

Carabuta NH contributes a natural buttery aroma and strong flavour impact to the bakery goods. It also lengthens flavour retention for long shelf-life products. It is recommended to replace certain percentage of milk fat / butter with Carabuta NH to achieve a cost-effective solution. 

Carabuta NH is suitable for large scale bakery product manufacturers to small scale bakery shops. 


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