Packaging For A Greener Planet

Tuesday, April 26th, 2022

COVID-19 is increasing the demand for healthy, sustainable products and a greater commitment from consumers to purchase from responsible companies. This push for sustainability also applies to packaging. What is particularly essential is sustainable packaging solutions that help F&B companies overcome every new demand — without compromising on product quality or packaging convenience.

Angela Lu, President & General Manager Asia Pacific South at SIG said, “the pandemic has sparked an important conversation about how businesses can better support people, society and the environment. And in the post-corona era, it’s clear that businesses will be scrutinised more than ever — not only on what they produce but also on how they act and what they say. Now is the time for producers to consider how they can effectively minimise the environmental impact of their products and processes. This coupled with an already increasing consumer awareness around sustainability, producers have a great opportunity to leverage the demand for products with a smaller carbon footprint.”

If a producer wants to offer more sustainable and responsible products packaging, the system behind it is a good place to start. Packaging is the key touchpoint for consumers and influences the entire brand experience. Independent life cycle assessments show carton packs offer a significantly better environmental performance than alternative packaging.

To help producers offer even more responsible and sustainable packaging, SIG offers a range of solutions that go even further for the environment and are aimed at reducing single-use plastic and minimising environmental impact, while still maintaining flavour and functionality. These solutions are scalable and designed to help customers gradually develop more streamlined processes and responsible products in their sustainability journey.

Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand (DPO) was the first company in Asia and Massel the first company in Australia introducing SIG’s SIGNATURE FULL BARRIER packaging material, one of the most innovative sustainable solutions in aseptic carton packaging in the world. All three key raw materials in the packaging come from certified responsible sources.

The liquid paper board is sourced from sustainable forestry through FSC TM (FSC TM trademark licence code: FSC TM C020428), 100 percent of the polymers used are linked to forest-based, renewable materials via a certified mass-balance system, and only ASI (Aluminium Stewardship Initiative)-certified aluminium is used. SIG is the only aseptic carton producer offering ASI labelled packs, demonstrating the capability — and commitment — to responsibly source aluminium.

All of the polymers used are linked to tall oil, a forest-based renewable material through a certified mass-balancing system. By using tall oil, a by-product of paper manufacturing, SIG nmaximises the output from sustainable forestry for its products, and importantly, avoids competition for agricultural land that may otherwise be used for growing food. These were important reasons that led DPO to bring to market a new “National Milk” product range in SIG’s on-the-go combiblocXSlim carton packs with SIGNATURE FULL BARRIER.

94 percent of the raw materials are linked to renewable, forest-based wood sources independently certified via a mass balance system. This results in CO 2 savings compared with a carton pack of the same format and volume using standard SIG packaging material, proven by an ISO-compliant life-cycle assessment. DPO launched the new products under the slogan “Love Us, Save the World”.

DPO’s responsible choice demonstrates that Thailand’s leading dairy brand is the first in Thailand to make such an important contribution to the switch from conventional plastic to plastics linked to renewable sources, and providing differentiation on store shelves.


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