OxiKan: Highly Effective Natural Anti-Oxidant Solutions

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Fresh and healthy food for a longer time:

Everyone loves to eat good food that remains naturally fresh for many days. But as time passes, the quality of food starts deteriorating, which is inevitable. This affects not only the taste, aroma and texture of food, but also causes serious health risks and food wastage.

One of the major reasons for the deterioration of food is the auto-oxidation of lipids by which free radicals are generated, which results in undesirable chemical changes impacting the flavour, aroma, texture and nutritional quality.

While consumers are interested in the convenience of longer shelf life and cutting down of food waste, they demand for natural formulations and fresher products. There are a number of anti-oxidants available in the market – synthetic ones being the most commonly used. However, recent studies question the safety of using synthetic anti-oxidants, with researches clearly pointing to the fact that these can be detrimental to human health. This has led to a rapid change in preferences, with consumers increasingly choosing natural products over synthetic ones. Moreover, some of the synthetic anti-oxidants have also been banned in many countries owing to health concerns.


What are anti-oxidants?

Anti-oxidants are substances that prolong the shelf life of food by delaying the oxidation process. Some of the popular anti-oxidants are listed below:


Natural Synthetic
Rosemary TBHQ
Natural Tocopherol Synthetic Tocopherol
Sage BHT
Oregano BHA
Ascorbic Acid


Kancor – a never-ending journey of perfection

Kancor aims to help people make more informed choices; to use more natural products that are more user friendly, thereby increasing the efficacy of products, keeping pace with evolving customer needs.

 Mr. Geemon Korah, CEO of Kancor Ingredients Ltd., states “globally there is an increase in consumer awareness on the detrimental effects of synthetic anti-oxidants, fuelling the demand for natural anti-oxidants for shelf life extension.” He adds, “Keeping pace with evolving customer needs and our constant pursuit towards perfection, our natural anti-oxidant brand, OxiKan was born.”

How does the natural anti-oxidant OxiKan work?

Rosemary extracts have been the most dominant natural anti-oxidant due to its familiarity and acceptance as a common culinary ingredient among consumers. Rosemary mainly contains three kinds of anti-oxidant molecules – Carnosic acid, Carnosol and Rosmarinic acid, that inhibit the oxidation of other molecules by getting oxidised themselves. This helps in extending the shelf life of the end applications. However, it has not been able to successfully replace synthetics due to lower potency and impact on colour, flavour and aroma of the product.

Mr. Geemon continues, “We have developed variants of OxiKan which are highly refined and enriched rosemary extracts. Our proprietary technology has helped us develop a unique range of natural anti-oxidants under the brand OxiKan, which can perform outstandingly under high fat and heat conditions. Being extracts of selective anti-oxidant molecules from rosemary, they have a very high anti-oxidant activity and are proven to have high thermal stability and oil solubility and consistently outperform synthetic anti-oxidants as well as other natural ingredients.”

OxiKan R  – A safe and natural alternative to BHT

OxiKan R is a refined extract of selective anti-oxidant molecules from rosemary. This variant of OxiKan has shown superior application efficacy in meat and can double the shelf-life of meat applications compared to synthetic anti-oxidants like BHT. Extensive application studies using the OxiKan range were conducted on various food matrices.

OxiKan CL – A revolutionary natural anti-oxidant system

The one concern that has always held back the use of natural anti-oxidants in pre-packaged foods has been its naturally dominant effect on the organoleptic profile of the food matrix. Kancor addresses this concern with its innovative award winning product variant OxiKan CL- the fully decolourised, deodourised and deflavoured liquid extract of selective anti-oxidant molecules of rosemary. It does not contribute any visible colour even at high dosage levels and has no impact on the flavour or odour of the food matrix. OxiKan CL is a completely refined extract, consisting of selective non-polar anti-oxidant molecules of rosemary, uniquely formulated at Kancor. The absence of unwanted molecules such as chlorophyll, carotenoids, xanthophylls and other less oil soluble non anti-oxidant molecules make OxiKan CL stand out from the rest. OxiKan CL is an ideal anti-oxidant for sensitive food matrices such as popcorn, omega oils, beverages, value added specialty fats, mayonnaise, dips etc.

OxiKan CL has won the IFT 2018 Food Expo Innovation Award for the comparative study on shelf life enhancement of Popcorn using OxiKan CL, Natural Tocopherol and TBHQ. Earlier in 2016, OxiKan CLS, the water soluble variant won the World Beverage innovation awards at BrauBeviale for the Best Beverage Ingredient category for the colour impact study on citrus beverages using OxiKan CLS and rosemary extracts. Our R&D is in constant interaction with customers to develop tailor-made anti-oxidant solutions addressing various industry challenges.


Kancor – The Complete Food Ingredient Solutions Provider

Kancor Ingredients Limited is a pioneer in the field of Global Spice Extraction, whose roots in the spice trade can be traced back to 1857 in Cochin, the spice capital of the world. Partnering with V Mane Fils, France, one of the largest Flavour and Fragrance companies in the world, Kancor specialises in complete natural food ingredient solutions right from sourcing of raw materials, extraction, research, formulation and testing to the final delivery.   Kancor’s specialisations include a full range of Oleoresins, Essential oils, Mint and Menthol, Natural anti-oxidants, Natural Colours, Culinary platforms, Delivery platforms and Organic Ingredients with every product adhering to global standards.


Kancor is participating in FI Asia 2018. Visit us at Booth No. A2.GG43, JI Expo, Jakarta, Indonesia from 3rd to 5th October 2018 to know more about products and applications.