Hot & Spicy Trends Blazing Through the F&B Scene

Friday, October 20th, 2023

Turning Up the Heat: Hot and Spicy Trends in the F&B Industry


In 2019, Kalsec conducted a comprehensive global study, delving deep into people’s perceptions of heat and spice. This extensive research covered various aspects, such as the increasing number of individuals consuming spicy cuisine and their specific preferences for pepper varieties. Since then, it has become an unofficial roadmap for innovating new spicy ideas. If you haven’t had a chance to explore it, we strongly recommend you do.


In 2021, we revisited our earlier research and embarked on new investigations to assess any evolving trends. We discovered that while the demand for heat and spice continues to grow, fresh insights have emerged, offering substantial opportunities for food and beverage professionals. Let’s delve into some of the key findings.



The Temperature Is Rising

Today, an impressive 95% of consumers worldwide savour hot and spicy dishes with a heat intensity ranging from mild and above. Additionally, three out of every five consumers report that they are indulging in spicier culinary delights compared to just one year ago, reflecting a remarkable surge of nearly 13% since 2019.



From Field to Plate: The Hot & Spicy Source Matters

The source of the spiciness holds equal significance to the heat itself, as 56% of consumers emphasise the importance of pepper varieties — reflecting a 3.5% growth since 2019. This underscores the increasing significance of selecting a natural heat source for your culinary creations.


Spark the Hot & Spicy Cravings Early

New research has shed light on the age when individuals first encounter spicy cuisine. The study reveals nearly 50% of consumers have their initial experience with spiciness during their teenage years, and it’s not limited to youngsters participating in challenges on TikTok. Surprisingly, parents play a significant role, accounting for 48% of these introductions.


This raises an important question: How can we harness this pivotal moment and encourage more parents to acquaint their teenagers with spicy flavours, thereby cultivating lifelong enthusiasts from a young age?


>> To be continued … Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming November/December issue. Watch this space!



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