Hoang Anh, The Leading Vietnamese Flavours & Food Ingredients Manufacturer, Unveils New Brand Identity

Monday, December 20th, 2021

Hoang Anh – the first Vietnamese flavours and food ingredients company, is excited to announce on the 20th of December 2021, the launch of its corporate rebrand and new brand identity.

The refreshed brand image marks a new chapter, and a new step forward, to help Hoang Anh reach farther into the Asia Pacific market.

As Hoang Anh steps into the next phase of accelerated growth, today‘s launch is its step towards its bigger goals. This affirms Hoang Anh’s position as a partner of choice for pioneering innovation of food and beverage developers, and food production not only in Vietnam but also across other Asia markets through its commitments, expertise, creations, and innovative solutions.

“Our pioneering approach to research and development powers innovation and creative thinking through flavour creations, our vision, and investments in manufacturing natural food ingredients to sustain a unique competitive advantage. All these coupled with our multidisciplinary experts in food science, applied food technology, engineering and culinary arts ensure that Hoang Anh will be able to bring your ideas to life and solve your business challenges. We are the partner of choice for innovative solutions and ideas” – said Hoang Anh’s Founder and General Director, Pham Thi Duy. “We’re inspired by what we make possible through our deep local insights, our knowledge of cultural preferences, our ability to bring an authentic taste to life, to connect you with the world of robust flavours and nutritious food ingredients and latest trends, to create surprising concepts and most importantly, to win the hearts and minds of consumers, together with you. That’s what makes Hoang Anh stands out from the other competitors.”

The launch marks the beginning of an evolution taking place throughout the organization. It not only makes a significant change in its brand image, but it also exhibits its new senses of vision, mission, energy, and enthusiasm. It marks another important milestone in Hoang Anh’s journey. It represents its restless eagerness to grow, to improve, to take dynamic approaches towards long-term competitiveness and, a sustainable future. In the spirit of becoming a strategic partner who delivers reliable, innovative, and new flavours and food ingredient solutions to business partners, Hoang Anh consistently focuses on customer benefits, embraces the changes, be fearless, and keeps challenging themselves to progress to modernize, to innovate and to place partners at the centre of all that they do.

Hoang Anh’s new logo is designed and inspired by the idea of a “DNA chain” to feature its core values and to reflect its corporate philosophy in doing business: to make a difference, to spread positive energy, to be creative, and to always be inspired by nature.

The new visual identity will be introduced and published on social media platforms, starting from 20th December 2021.

This is the second rebranding campaign since its beginning in 1998. Hoang Anh has been successfully establishing strategic partnerships with many prestigious local and international food and beverage companies, expanding, and exporting into international markets like China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Bangladesh.

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