GEA Filling & Packaging Launches New GEA Premium Support Platform

Monday, March 16th, 2020

Aseptic filling technology has developed rapidly throughout its history. But not all progressions in aseptic filling are related to the technology itself. Automation and digitalization, and the opportunities provided for big data and analytics, are also important developments for the maintenance and performance of Service products.

On January 10, the Service Department at GEA Filling and Packaging launched the new GEA Premium Support Platform.

The GEA Premium Support Platform offers an innovative service by giving customers the opportunity to be constantly and proactively followed by a GEA pool of experts with three different levels of professional remote assistance:

  • Collaborative Help Desk 24/7
    Dedicated senior engineers that can monitor plants continuously and access the control systems remotely in augmented reality.
  • Advanced Reporting Services
    Producing performance or alarm monitoring reports, rough cause analysis (for each single production batch, shift or defined period) for predictive maintenance and OEE monitoring.
  • Proactive Data Analytics
    A pool of engineers that analyse the plant reports and data, identifying possible actions to restore the performance of out-of-range parameters. Periodical calls with plant managers to consult on equipment performance.

“I’m very glad to see an ambition becoming a reality,” said Filippo Ghirardi, Head of Global Service Filling & Packaging. “We can provide proactive remote support from our control room. This allows customers to feel confident that they will receive the best available support throughout the life of their equipment.”

“This initiative really paves the way for a new professional service in GEA Filling & Packaging, contributing to developing our customer service capability from service transactions into pro-active consulting & collaboration,” said Donato De Dominicis, Director of Sensitive Liquid Filling & Packaging. “Moreover, it represents an important milestone in improving our current remote technical support, using clear visual boards for emergency priority management, service technicians’ planning / client visiting history and easy access to all necessary technical support information in one integrated platform (manuals, software, schematics and pictures / videos coming from the site).”

Data collected by the system during plant operation allows deviations of all critical parameters to be analyzed to show alarms and events and to verify the number of performed cycles and their duration. The analysis of the recorded data allows the GEA team to find the most significant fluctuations and to give customers professional advice on how to intervene on the out-of-range or under-performing parameters, to rapidly solve the deviations.

The aim of this innovative approach is to reduce reaction and intervention times. Minimizing the time needed to restore optimal filling line performance leads to increased productivity and cost savings.

Fabio Castagnetta, GEA Data Analytics Manager, Sensitive Liquid Filling & Packaging, said: “The GEA Premium Support Platform results in three kinds of assistance: the proactive support drives customers into faster troubleshooting, by rapidly identifying the stress points on the filling bloc; the predictive support allows engineers to identify and intervene on parameter deviations to prevent any issue arising; the performance care assistance aims to maintain over time, or even increase, the plant productivity thanks to real time, easy to read and immediate monitoring of the overall performance.”

Any reporting activity can be periodically (weekly, every two weeks or monthly) scheduled, as can conference calls during which the customers can discuss the analysis results directly with the GEA pool of experts who will suggest corrective actions.

“It is not usual to see this approach and infrastructure, so we are really proud to show our new collaborative help desk to all clients visiting GEA Filling & Packaging headquarters,” said Donato De Dominicis.

“This is a crucial step in our service evolution and one big step closer to the customers,” said Filippo Ghirardi. “The GEA Premium Support Platform for Filling is the basis for a professional performance care of our installed base, and it will complete the Advanced Service Portfolio that GEA Filling & Packaging offers to the market. Looking to future challenges, we will continue to develop our consulting approach to customers, and I strongly believe this will be an enabler for selling other Service products and new projects as well; because we all know, a more productive client is a happy client.”


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