Feeding the world with 100% oil-free air compressors

Sunday, November 26th, 2023


Feeding the world with 100% oil-free air compressors

Driving sustainability and productivity are key to the Food and Beverage (F&B) Industry. Food manufacturers must adopt best practices in these areas so to remain competitive and innovative in constantly provide consumers with delicious tasting new products and flavours that’s sure to whet their taste buds. Sustainable practices occur along the entire value chain, like sourcing from sustainable food sources, to processing and packaging, and distribution, all albeit ensuring food safety, managing the carbon footprint, minimize wastage and reduce costs in the entire F&B manufacturing process.


F&B manufacturers rely on compressed air for a range of applications, including cooling, spraying and cleaning, packaging, filling and capping, fermentation and aeration, PET blow molding, and product transportation and storage. Ingersoll Rand provides market leading solutions for compressed air to the F&B industry:

• Class 0 100% oil-free certified to ISO:8573 standard.

• Built with advanced energy-efficient high-temperature compression technology to not only reduce the risk of microbial contamination within your compressed air system, but also prevents system and component damage, thus elongating the life of your compressed air equipment.

• Our customers reap productivity benefits with the ability to monitor the health of their air compressors remotely and perform predictive maintenance before a fault occurs, minimizing downtime risks.

• With Ingersoll Rand’s CARE Package, our customers can enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that their air compressors are well taken care of by trained personnel and keep your F&B manufacturing facility operating at optimum levels.


Ingersoll Rand’s oil-free air compressors enable our customers to drive effective utilization of resources, faster time to market, and lower overhead costs from productivity improvements across the entire food and beverage manufacturing process, from turning raw ingredients into processed products that is safe and ready for consumption.

Learn more on how Ingersoll Rand suite of oil-free air compressor solutions drives sustainability, productivity and safety for the Food and Beverage industry, or contact us for a further discussion.



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